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Cleaning Checklists

Every family has their own approach to cleaning, dependent on the home itself and family dynamics. We have tried various methods over the years with varying degreees of success. Our current routinue has been in place for a few years now and works reasonably well, the varying point is the ‘human factor’;)

Currently we have divided the house into ‘areas’ and each child over the age of 5 years takes care of their area, their area changes over weekly. *Our 6 year old has me as her ‘assigned helper’. The children also take care of their bedrooms. For some time I haven’t been happy with the standard that some children maintain in their areas. Considering that lack of clarity regards expectation could be part of the problem, I have invested time in designing cleaning checklists for each room.

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her lists so I didn’t have to start ‘from scratch.’ I’m sharing with anyone who is needing checklists themselves, take and adapt to your situation.

Dinning/Lounge Room
Kitchen; Compost/Garbage/Chooks
*This job is divided into two; but for some reason I have saved as one document. Chooks are chickens;)


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