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Completing A Few Major Projects

The last couple of weeks have seen the completion of a few major projects.
PC was pleased to finally begin and complete roofing the portico.

He was rather surprised to discover it didn’t take as long as expected.
Rain no longer comes into the front room:)

Cladding the exterior of the house,

begun weeks ago was finally completed too.

A few boards are still to be nailed at the front. These will be added when the two houses are joined.

Last week PC and I bought our front door!

Hanging doors isn’t always the simplest project to tackle, so PC was very happy when all ran smoothly.

We rather surprised ourselves with how quickly we made our door selection, but truthfully we knew it was perfect for us.

A pair of kookaburras, symbolising the pair that visit us regularly.

We are now officially at ‘lock up’ stage!

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