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Confirmation Resources/Plans

Later this year Michelangelo will be making his Confirmation at our Homeschool Camp; with our Bishop’s blessing we prepare our children ourselves.  I have total confidence in preparing our little ones for First Confession/First Holy Communion, however, despite ‘preparing’ three children to date for Confirmation I still struggle in feeling confident I have imparted all I need to.  Point of fact is; what do I really need to impart?  As ages of Reception vary greatly around the country and globe, resource content reflect this, I haven’t found a blueprint that sets it out clearly.

For Michelangelo’s three older siblings I’ve used  Spreading and Defending the Faith – Image of God Series; parts of this are perfect, parts are too old for an 11/12 year old, a large part focuses on ‘Service’ an American emphasis not an Australian emphasis, also there is a ‘Soldier of Christ’ component which doesn’t totally encompass today’s understanding. However there is enough in this book that I can work with, but I’d dearly love to find the book, but alas I’m resigned that I shan’t.  Therefore realising I need to work with a combination of resources, I’ve compiled a list from suggestions at 4Real for Michelangelo who will be 12 when he is Confirmed.  Many of these I haven’t used before so it’s all a little unknown.

As Michelangelo and I read the following together, he will also be reading various saint stories, one of these inspiring and heroic men he will select for his Confirmation Name. 

Faith & Life- 5
Not our favourite series;dry and dull, however there are a few relevant chapters.

New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 2
We’ve long enjoyed reading these Catechisms,  answering the questions and chatting about the material.  

Brief Review of Confirmation (Daughters of St Paul)
I discovered this on my shelves and for some reason haven’t really looked at it before.  Brief but looks promising, includes lots of catechism questions.

The First Sacraments – Inos Biffi

Aimed at the older child, very detailed and thorough. Plenty of historical information.

Catechism questions, Gospel Highlights, Mass Responses.
To be honest I recently purchased this and was disappointed, nice but not the book.

We’ll be using the Virtue Tree component of these plans.
We have read this a few years back,  Michelangelo doesn’t really recall it.  An engaging, living catechism.

Catholic Icing
A craft activity designed to learn the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Could be engaging if Michelangelo is interested in this approach.

King of the Golden City
Appears to be an appropriate spiritual read. Have just ordered it

My Path to Heaven – Fr Geoffrey Bliss
A mini-spiritual retreat,  reflective. Have just ordered this. 

Illustrated Catechism – Inos Biffi
Compilation of 4 of Biffi’s books;  Prayer, Apostles Creed, Sacraments and Ten Commandments.  Just ordered.

This looks like the book, unfortunately I can’t source it to Australia:(

Any Further Suggestions?

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  • Bridget

    What a blessing that you are permitted to prepare your child(ren) for confirmation at home!
    The classes our son attended (he was permitted to be confirmed young, at 13) were informative, but the mood was less than ideal, as many of the teens (16-18) didn't seem to want to be there at all.
    Your resources look VERY promising, and some of those books are on our shelves!
    Bless you all this Easter season.
    Thank you for blogging!

  • Tricia

    Hi Erin, If you contact Leanne she can help you get hold of the Sacrament of Confirmation book. Michelle V. is putting in a lge CHC order to avoid postage. You can get it through them.

  • ccc

    The St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism books are our favorites. Our wonderful parish priest requires memorization of about 100 catechism questions that he believes are the most important along with a vocabulary list of Catholic words to memorize. Then they are quizzed privately by the priest!
    My older kids can spew out answers to those questions so well–and I think that really helps when posed with attacks against the Faith.
    God Bless you in preparing your child for this sacrament!

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