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Craft of the Week Club

Sarah at Plainsong has started a Craft of the Week Club. It is a fantastic idea for the craft challenged mum. Every week a generous mum shares a craft aimed at the under 9s. The craft is not too complicated, generally made from ready made materials in your home, with a fantastic result. Mary at Our Domestic Church started the club off with ‘foil fish’, these fish are really worthwhile viewing, we went to Our Domestic Church for instructions.

Our fish didn’t turn out quite as spectacular. (do they ever?) but the children were very happy with the result, which after all is the important point, is it not? (Yes, that is St Joseph in the corner).

Of course the question is what did we change from Mary’s instructions? Well as we didn’t have ‘Sharpies’ (what are they??) we used metallic markers, and one ds tried for variation and sprinkled on of his fish with glitter and another he coloured in stripes. Also as we didn’t have watercolour paper we painted photocopy paper with standard paint. Still the children really enjoyed the first ‘Craft of the Week Club.’

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