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Creating Our First Faith Notebook

Notebooking and living books are Princess’ favourite learning approaches, and as the oldest of the younger set she has a powerful vote. Therefore, inspired by the wonderful Catholic notebooks shared at Take Up and Read we’ve found a fantastic way to enjoy our Faith studies this year. We decided to kick off with a small version of Willa’s Adam and Eve notebook, but like with most things we adapted a little.

The truth is I can rarely understand nor work out the different flap  flip and squash books, sometimes I stumble upon the correct method but mostly I just glue and staple and make it work.  Somehow we managed to make our variation of a Catechism questions book, and googled apple tree images for our centerpiece.

We also added some pages from the Genesis Bible lapbook that Willa recommended.  The children were happy, enjoyed themselves and reflected upon the questions.   Off to a great start.
Thanks Willa!:)

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