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Sheeting the Games Room

Our games room is sure to be the most popular room in the house. A room designed to house the pool table, playstation/wii with screen, board games and a games/card table.  The ideal hang out and a perfect excuse to invite friends over.

Finalising the gyprock sheeting in this area brings us a step closer to being able to use this room. Currently it still holds the piles of timber, so we can’t quite move in.

The timber piles were a little challenge, however we managed to work around them.

For so long this has been a ‘catch all’ for building equipment, it is a welcome change to see clean walls:)

Looking around the room: Standing at the doorway looking toward the window.

Standing to the left of the doorway looking outwards. The large double doors open onto the deckπŸ™‚

Standing to the left of the window looking back towards the entrance.

Standing to the right of the window looking into the room.
A huge room! We’re now gyprocking our walk in robe and then we’re done!

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