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Dress Up Storage Solution

Often when one project is completed another is created, thus it was when PC and the girls built our incredible linen press.  Project created was, The Dress Ups, they now needed to be moved from the linen press alcove, and it was time to find a better storage solution.  For months they have been stored in one very long box, the length and depth of our new linen press, this however meant a messy search for most items.  Consequently the Dress Up storage wasn’t inviting to play.  As I now had empty shelving of two sections, I considered making some more boxes and storing like the toys, but would the dress ups fit in the boxes? More importantly would they be returned to boxes by children? I didn’t want it to be a job I would find myself doing.
 Googling ‘dress up storage’ I found plenty of pretty pictures of hanging dresses accompanied by a couple of pretty storage boxes.  Nothing that would address my particular need, and that I quickly realised was the issue, our needs were different to most.  We don’t have only little girls with dress ups, we have dress ups for little girls and big girls, little boys and big boys.  We have an extensive collection of 20 years worth, spanning all ages, as dress ups are popular with all our children, even at times the older ones.


In the past I’ve tried the hanging rod storage idea, it didn’t work, I was the one re-hanging outfits, of which there were plenty, it seemed rather ridiculous to have created myself another job.  So all the pretty picture solutions were ruled out for a couple of reasons.  So what to do?Staring at the now empty shelving it hit me.  The long storage box sort of worked, it just needed to be divided somehow.  Now if I was to turn the shelving onto its back I would have a ‘box’ divided into 6 sections.  We now have the dress up storage sorted into; left front to back – accessories (masks, hats, gloves, handbags, scarves, play cloths etc), big girls, little girls.  Right front to back – little boys, big boys, cloaks and capes.  The box is sitting away from the side wall to allow access to the back sections, not that we currently have any little girls dressing up.

It mightn’t be pretty, in fact the bottom/back board needs replacing, but I think we just might have hit upon the solution.  I’ll know soon enough if the children begin using the dress ups more regularly.  Hopefully I’ll soon be back to share just what costumes they do have.

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  • Olivia

    Oh My, you read my mind! I desperately need to clear out my playroom. My aunty (a Vinnies addict) keeps bringing us bags of toys, I don't have the heart to keep telling her NO MORE, i've tried, we've tried. The whole family has tried to tell her. Anyhow, its a case of….she buys it and supports the poor, we receive it and we send it straight back!
    So you've inspired me, this weekend I'm going to clean it out! x

  • Erin

    Sending you moral support as you begin the job! Are you going to do involved the children or is it best to do it without them? And I do understand the aunt issue, giving is her love language but… have the same issue with a loved one. I say "Keep the love but not necessarily the gift"

  • Renee Wilson

    Oh that's a great idea. Our collection of dress up clothes is starting to grow and I had thought about getting a hanging thingy (technical term has left my mind …) You're right though, us mums would be the one hanging everything back up. The storage unit looks great. I hope it works well for you.

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