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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 190)

Princess and I are pretty excited, we’re off on a mother/daughter morning out tomorrow, first we are attending a book sale!!!! and then indulging in a milkshake and girl time.  We asked Jelly Bean if she would like to join us for “a mother/daughter morning” ? She asked in a very suspicious, horrified voice, “Does it involve shopping?!” Obviously JB does not enjoy shopping.  When we outlined the plan she tentatively agreed to give it a go, though we know the milkshake is the draw card not the book sale.

Finally took the plunge, opened the bag of gluten free flour sitting on my pantry shelf and baked a gluten free cake, banana to be specific. It was a huge success! For some reason I was nervous about baking ‘a flop’, but when my friend Deanne assured me it was a simple matter of substituting; 1 cup of Wheat Flour for 1 cup of Gluten Free, I baked and it was a huge success.  The verdict is, gluten free flour tastes nicer than wheat flour.

Bella loves to be in the ‘midst of living’, if she can see what is happening, what we’re all up to all is well with her world.  Currently she hates to be in her rocker on the ground whilst we are all eating meals, on the job card this weekend is to pull the highchair out of storage so she can sit up and watch us during mealtime.

School holidays begin today, as our girls are really keen to learn a few sewing skills I’m thinking this would be a great time to begin.  Circle skirts and nighties are on the create list, any other suggestions for beginner projects for tween girls?

I’ve been happily engaged in a project of my own; Easter seasonal cleaning and massive de-clutter. Going along at a great pace, have moved along so many clothes, linen and other odds and ends, 8 huge garbage bags in fact.  Furniture too is being moved along and last weekend PC and girls built a linen press in one day!  Looking foward to tackling the learning areas next; library, study and learning room. So much ‘stuff’ we don’t use, it’s all going.

Talking about beautifying homes, when I watch shows like The Block, I’m always totally amazed and impressed at the visualisation skills of some people.  Might have missed that gene but sure wish I had it.  And were you totally surprised at the winners? We were.

Our Brand New Library continues to be a huge success!! Princess visited the library four days running! And our other children have been repeat visitors too, it has become the local teen hangout!  Chatting to mums at soccer training we’re all re-congregating at the library after training to pick up our tweens and teens.  Pretty cool I think that they’re all wanting to visit the library.  The place is just rocking with young people whenever we are there and they are not all playing the Xbox/playstation, they are borrowing books. Our librarians tell me that there has been a huge increase in membership, including whole families.

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