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Enjoying and Recording the Sights of Asia

Following are the detailed plans which I will hand to our older children for our Asian sojourn. I have previously shared our goals and resources. I share them here in the humble hope that they may help others as I have been often been generously aided.

Create a continent notebook; include narrations, art work, recipes,photos, maps, flags and Fact Sheet from your study. Travel Agency magazines are great for pics.
Narration illustrations can use watercolors, lyra pencils, or block crayons.

Draw a map of your country, include the capital city, neighbouring oceans and countries.

Continent Felt Maps You may like to make a felt map.

Play some of the map games listed. (Difficult task I know;)
Map Game
Online Games (Looks great)
More Games
World Geography Quiz
World Geography Map Games

Draw (Princess may print)a flag of your country for your Notebook. Explain the colours, emblems of the flag.
Stick mini flags on ‘passport sheet’ of countries visited.

You may like to create the country flags from craft felt and display them on cork board.

Foreign Languages
Spend time listening to foreign language websites.
Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages for Travelers

My Country Report/Fact Sheet
Use the Geographica and the internet to research and answer the following questions.

Name of Country:
Continent where country is located:
Name the countries that border you country:
Name the surrounding Oceans/Seas:
Capital of Country:
In which hemisphere is this country located (north or south of the equator)?
Pinpoint your country’s:
Major Language Spoken:
Major Religion:
What is the Currency?
Type of Government:
Chief Crops:
Major Industries:
What is this Country most famous/infamous for?

Picture Books
Folk Tales Lesson Book
Younger children to create an illustration for each folk tale read. On the facing page, include a half-size map, color in the country of the stories’ origin and a typed narration.

Chapter Books
Older children; A written narration of chapter book of your choice for your country. At least 100 words.

To cook one main meal to accompany the study of each country.

Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World.
Complete at least one activity for your country.

Watch a movie, difficult I know;)
Yet to source.

Learn all of the Asian Songs in Geography Songs
Listen to National Anthems

Animals and Habitats
Create an illustration of one of your country’s habitats, label what aspects of the habitat provides food, water, and shelter for the animals that live there.

Animal pages:
Create an illustration of at least one animal. On the facing page, record the following:

* common name
* classification information
* physical characteristics
* habits
* food
* predators

Asian Animals:

* Animals in India

Artifacts and Archaeology Lesson Book
Choose one national monument, ie. the Taj Mahal and one artifact. ie. a craft basket of your country; and create a notebook page of information and pictures.

Saints Lesson Book
Map Work: Trace or paste an outline map of Asia, with countries labeled into notebook. Throughout the course of the study, complete the following tasks and create a coded guide:

* Mark various Saints’ home country
* Shade in 5 countries where the primary religion is Christian.
* Shade in 5 countries where the primary religion is Islam.
* Shade in 5 countries where indigenous beliefs or animism are still predominant.
* Shade in at least five countries that are currently or have recently been in civil unrest.

Asian Saints Stories:
Read relevant Saints Stories of your country.
Write a short narration of at least one. 100 words minimum.
Dictated Narration for younger two children.

Mary Around the World:
Lesson Book
For each title, watercolor the image on small watercolor paper and paste into your book.
On facing page, record the title of the image, the name of the country it took place in, and the year. Also a half-size continent map with the location marked.

Compose a short prayer to include on the page.

Our Lady of LaVang (Around the World with Mary)
Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions

Our Lady of Madhu (Around the World with Mary)

La Naval de Manilla (Around the World with Mary)

Our Lady of Akita (Around the World With Mary)

Our Lady of China (Around the World with Mary)

Thanks to Serendipity, Kathryn and Marilyn your plans were most helpful (I substituted Asia for Africa of course.)

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