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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 20)

Our holidays draw to a close on Monday and so our rhythm will once again change. I’ve enjoyed having the time to create and cook. I’m planning to make more time for these activities even during term time. Since I set up a fabric basket Michelangelo, Princess and Jelly Bean have been busy creating.
Grandma came for a visit during the second week of the holidays. Just in time to enjoy the craft fest going on and to share skills with the ‘createes.’

The children were given a set of golf sticks from their ‘Timba’ and Uncle C. Our paddock now sports a driving range. Very impressive.

I’ve been busy planning Geography and History units for the upcoming term. I’m pretty happy because these are the most detailed I’ve ever got. Normally I peter out after the booklists and decide to wing it. I’m feeling confident that more will be achieved this way.

Our picture book display is back and looking more inviting. Carpenter and PC corrected some issues; they screwed the shelves in, so Jem can’t tip shelf and books off now. And added a lip to the front so the books don’t slip off and can lean back. I also found a large timber box that fits perfectly in the corner to take the overflow of theme books. This combined with our art center makes me feel pretty happy.

I just have to type up my jotted notes for some final ideas; circle time and preschool plans, a weekly rhythm, (I can no longer go with the flow in a family this size) and I’m waiting for Sarah to write liturgical year plans for me;);) And to compile booklists of books read last term.

Lest you think our holidays have been busy, busy, we did make time to ensure that we had some mornings lazing in bed reading. Carpenter made his way through the entire Eragon trilogy; taking a whole day and 2 nights per book. I re-charged by lazing and reading too.

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  • Angel

    Your book display is very nice! I also really liked your frabric buckets. I wish I could sew.

    I am crunching down to the wire with our planning, and as usual it's slipping away from me. But, boy, could I use some days lazing and reading to recharge! July is such a busy month here.

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