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Fabric Buckets

Last week I visited my friend Deanne who is talented in all things homemaking. She excitedly showed me some fabric buckets she had made and I totally, instantly developed a case of covetousness; I wanted my own fabric buckets.

Obviously I ‘interrogated’ my friend and wrote down her instructions so I could make one. What’s impressive is Deanne never had a pattern or instructions, she just ‘figured it out.’ Originally inspired by pictures of Wisecraft and Maya made’s buckets she worked out how to create her own!

Using a circular ‘template’; for mine I used a serving dish, obviously the size dish you use depends on the size bag you require, draw on fabric and cut. Then multiply your circle’s diameter by 3.14 to ascertain the length of your fabric strip.

Next you cut a rectangle; the length will be the result of the above measurement and the height will depend on how tall you wish your bucket to be. Also cut some handles, mine are 22cm by 8cm. (When folded handles will be 4cm wide).

You are actually going to be making two buckets for your finished product of one, so cut out two circles and two rectangles. As the lining bucket is going to sit inside the other bucket can use two different fabric patterns if you choose. I was being very frugal in my choices and recycled old curtain fabric, and my lining is calico from the curtain.

You will need to iron on stiff interfacing to one of the buckets, I ironed it onto my calico, lining bucket. Right sides together sew the rectangle piece to the circle, surprisingly it does fit. Although for one bucket I had to ‘gather’ a little at the end to fit and another bucket I had to stretch a little, and then sew up the side. On one of the buckets you sew the handles to the top. Then fit one bucket inside another and turning the top edges sew around the top edge joining the two. I actually had my inner lining turned a little higher than the outside.

I now have my bucket:)

I have filled the bucket with fabric scraps to inspire my little girls to create, which they have been doing since I set it up.

I’m considering making some rectangle buckets next. I was thinking thick cardboard between the linings should make them sturdy. Often I covet cane baskets but I can’t justify the expense, but I would love some book baskets. Perhaps this is the solution.

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  • Anonymous

    Very nice Erin, and no doubt they would wash well too.
    I love the versatility of fabric. I have made a very small one with a drawstring top to keep small crochet projects in.


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