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Feast of St Joseph

One of Michelangelo’s patron saints is St Joseph so he started preparing yesterday for today’s Feast. He organised himself to create cards, decorating and narrating his St Joseph’s life. As this was all of his own volition I was pretty happy:) Unbeknown to Michelangelo, Princess made him a secret card and he awoke this morning to a card with a $2 coin in it! As our children have little money her generosity was impressive.(Isn’t it the moments like this that make our mommy hearts swell with love?)

Various events conspired today so it has been pretty low key but Princess made a 3D virtual altar, and Michelangelo, Jelly Bean and Jack Jack coloured pictures. We also enjoyed reading Song of the Swallows and a selection of books from our shelves on St Joseph which all the children listened to.

And of course as for all name days in our house I baked a cake. As Michelangelo doesn’t like chocolate cake (can you believe it?!!) we made an orange cake. Nothing too fancy but he was wrapped.

Happy Feast of St Joseph to all!

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