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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 9)

Jack Jack is finally talking more than a few words at a time. He has graduated to a couple of sentences at a time, okay we’re not talking paragraphs yet but he is getting there. I’ve been rather surprised at some of the words he uses too, they are not basic choices. His mind is certainly working away, it is just that he doesn’t talk a great deal. He will be 3 in July so it is rather a relief to hear him.

With autumn here it is time to re-write our menu plan. Probably a good thing as I am finding it hard to be inspired but I know the children are rather sick of the same thing continually. I have bookmarked a few food blogs so I’m checking them out before I do the monthly shop. I’m planning on a whole new plan.

PC and the children visited Wet and Wild this week. They had a blast! The three oldest had been once before five years ago, this time Princess and Michelangelo went as well. They were tall enough for all the rides bar one. Just imagine running non-stop all day from slides and rides without stopping. They walked in the door at 10pm looking very tired but very happy. Wonderful memories.

Carpenter is reading a whole new genre! Today he finished The Boy Knight by G A Henty. Henty writes rather meaty history books, Koala loves G A Henty, it was great to see Carpenter reading something other than LOTR and Ranger’s Apprentice. BTW Did you know there are many GA Henty books online? We are having to constantly limit the time Koala spends reading these books online.

Carpenter is having a whole new attitude to maths this year. He is finally feeling a sense of achievement. He is using Mathematics.com.au and is enjoying the audio/computer teaching format. He likes how the lessons are explained, and is enjoying getting 100% for most of his lessons. This is a major breakthrough! We are so happy.

With three weeks to go till the Easter holidays, we are starting to drag in enthusiasm and self-discipline. Some plans are needed over the weekend to breathe some new life into our lessons.

Our educational highlight of the week was starting the Serendipity Lively Language Lessons. I wasn’t too sure how they would be received, and our two highschoolers were given the choice of whether they wished to join in or not. They choose to, and everyone really enjoyed Serendipity!

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