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The Mulberry Bush

Today when the mailman arrived he was besieged by eager children who have been waiting all week. Wow! It took two children to carry the box in.

Just imagine the excitement as the children dug deep. Each vying to see which sizes fit whom.

My Aunt Michelle owns a clothing boutique, The Mulberry Bush in Perth and so generously sent a bundle. Princess couldn’t stop smiling:)

There were clothes to fit all. For the baby up to size 14.

The excitement ran high.

All week Princess has been asking when her dresses would arrive. Finally they arrived.

And she was able to wear them.

All were smiling.

Michelangelo insisted on a fashion show immediately.

Jack Jack found a jumper and refused to change.

Finally all had their stashes and were happy holding the loot.

For any of my Perth readers drop into The Mulberry Bush on The Crescent in Midland and visit my Aunt and see what goodies we have first hand. Be sure to tell my Aunt you ‘know’ me.

To my dear local friends who oohed and aahed over Jem’s huge bag of baby clothes, this is indeed the same Aunt who has been unbelievably generous again.

Many, many thanks to Great-Aunt Michelle:) We are touched and excited beyond words.

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