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Finally, Reading For Pleasure

Last night Jelly Bean (9.8yrs) began reading for pleasure!!! I am beyond excited and just had to share our joy!! She took a Little House Chapter Book to bed, read 2 chapters and then was up bright and early reading another chapter before breakfast.

This has been a long, long road, and although JB is not our first later reader and it was reassuring to have traveled this road before, the journey is at times disheartening and monotonous when a child plateaus and stays there for a year!

Finally we have arrived at our destination and planning to enjoy exploring this ‘whole new world opened before us.  It won’t be long before Jack Jack (7.8yrs) joins us in this new pleasurable world too:):)  When our children begin reading for pleasure the family tradition is to purchase a book of their choice, so Jelly Bean now has a decision to make.

If you are interested in our journey with later readers I’ve previously shared the struggles and triumphs.
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  • What easy chapter books would you suggest?
  • How old were your children when they began reading for pleasure?
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  • Von

    I remember my friend's struggle with a very late reading daughter – she was 10. But now in her twenties that girl is in a doctoral science program.

  • ally

    My eldest devoured books from the minute she could read – about grade 1. My second daughter always enjoyed reading (and being read to or listening to stories) but chose easier texts for a long time. Just before 9 she started choosing longer and more complex texts and her time for reading and her love of it has increased even further. I think the love of reading is one of the best gifts we can hope to give our children

  • Erin

    So heartening to know

    Anna Maria
    It's been a long road to get her here hasn't it. Dare say it won't be long till I'll be saying to her what I say to you, "Put the book down", can't wait and then I'll laugh at myself. Love you{{}}

  • Theresa

    Erin, thanks so much for your comments over at my place on the book recommendations! It reminded me I meant to come back to this post and comment. What a joy for you AND your daughter that she has entered a new level of reading and loving to read! I'm looking forward to reading your links/posts regarding "late" reading. Both of my sons are progressing slowly, and I'm so anxious for them to find that first book that makes them want to pick it up of their own free will! It's a little hard to watch my good friend's daughter (who is the same age as my oldest) read and read and read fairly advance books. I feel like my guy are missing out. But in my moments of thinking clearly and not panicking, I know "each child in his own time."
    We DID get three Mercy Watson books from the library at your recommendation! (I mentioned you in this post – ) 🙂
    In fact, we enjoyed those books so much that I went to Amazon to see what else fans of Mercy Watson were reading. That's how I found the Dodsworth and Mouse and Mole series! So, really, I have you to thank! Thanks!

  • Barbie Bieber Beyond

    My girls are all developing into readers. Miss 15 is in love with the Divergent series at the moment, Miss 13 is into anything by John Green, Miss 9 is reading The Jungle Book and Miss 5 is still just learning, but getting there!!

  • Renee Wilson

    What a gorgeous photo and how exciting she is reading for pleasure. My three year old can't read yet, but she loves to sit by herself in her room and flip through the pages as she makes up her own tales. I'm hoping she will have a love of reading like me.

  • Erin

    Can't believe I missed that post! And giving you encouragement, it will happen{{}} but so hard to wait, I know! Particularly when it is your first, and I do get what you mean re comparing to a friend's child. We know these things but sometimes we doubt.

    Yes hopefully soon! then a whole new world to discover:)

    Been years since we've read The Jungle Book, must dig it out. And will check out the other titles you mention too.

    I hope she does love reading too:) It's not often a child of a reader doesn't love reading too.

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