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A Portrait A Week – 10th March Edition

A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014
1. Can hardly believe Bella is 10 weeks already, responding and smiling at Daddy here
2. Truly loved at all times by her big siblings, capturing Bass having a cuddle with Bella


3. The children found 20 eggs under the house, no telling how long they’ve lain there, they were keen to have an egg and spoon race


4. The race was held in the paddock in case some proved to be rotten



5. Our big lads working diligently at their maths, into a good rhythm now



6. This weekend it was all about tracing stencils and colouring with markers. Hours and hours and hours, totally immersed and focused.



7. Big bro encouraging our new reader



8. Little boys enjoying a moment with their big brother as he reads to them.



 9. A great position for listening to stories and watching TV

Linking up at Practising Simplicity for 52 Weeks of Portraits

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  • princesswithbrains

    The first one is so cute.
    the second is adorable. 🙂
    the third is a beautiful shot.
    the fourth is as well.
    the fifth is a rare occasion.
    the sixth is sweet. 🙂
    the seventh is beautiful.
    the eighth is so sweet love Gem.
    their faces look red, in the ninth.

  • Renee Wilson

    Great pics. They all look like such happy souls. I really don't know how you find the time to come up with such great lessons and activities for them all the time. Where do you get your energy?

  • Erin

    Actually they are pretty happy kids:) Re formal lessons I'm in a good rhythm now after all these years. The informal activities in these pics, the stamping and egg race are both their initiations.

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