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First Holy Communion for Bass

Three weeks ago Bass (7) was blessed to receive Our Lord for the first time during a Missa Cantata at the Carmelite Monastery in my nearby childhood town.

Extra special was that he received Our Blessed Lord for the first time from our Bishop Emeritus, who has also given First Holy Communion to seven of Bass’ older siblings,Β Β all bar our oldest, the continuity is treasured.

Our first seven children were also all Confirmed by our Bishop Emeritus, though Jem and Bass were Confirmed at Marian Valley.

The Sisters were so excited that Bass was receiving his First Holy Communion with them πŸ™‚

The Missa Cantata in the Southern Hemisphere has prescribed hymns and it was a joy to hear the Sisters voices sing, heavenly, and it was with special love that at the end of Mass they sang an extra hymn for Bass, Sweet Sacrament Divine πŸ™‚Β  As it was such a special occasion they opened the Grill to meet him afterwards which is a Big Deal, so we got to meet them all and chat, they were so excited and full of joy. I contemplated running away and joining the Carmelites, but aside from the fact that they wouldn’t accept me (husband, minor children) my daughter suggested only two hours of talking a day wasn’t something I could manage long term.

We were also blessed to meet and chat away with Sr Mary Rose who was so beautiful, she is their extern Sister and is literally full of Joy!Β  I bravely asked if Bass could have a photo with the her and fortunately it wasn’t a problem, this is a picture we’ll always treasure.


All excited to be part of Bass’ Big Day, though sadly our three older boys and Rose, living far away were unable to be there for the occasion.


Parents and Godparents photos πŸ™‚

The blue tie in honour of Our Blessed Mother that Bass is wearing was also PC’s First Holy Communion tie, and has been worn by all three of our younger boys (the older three boys had a different outfit). Bass is our last to wear it and I felt rather teary packing it away.


A cake always makes a special event of any occasion and Bass had plenty of family and friends eager to share, we were also able to send a big slab back behind the grill for the Sisters to enjoy.

So touched that his friends came especially to support him, made the day sparkle more.


It always makes it extra special when extended family are able to join us for Special Days too, so lovely to have grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousin join us in love and support .

Of course we must have the obligatory bro pose, channeling their older bros.

A truly special day in many ways. Bass is still counting how many times he has received Our Lord, may he never lose that love and joy.

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