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Flooring The ‘Pool’ Room

Our great project of laying floorboards throughout the house continues apace. Inspired by our success of flooring the dining and learning rooms the weekend before. A couple of weekends ago we pressed on and floored the ‘Pool’ Room. Pool Room? Simply the first room as you enter the house wherein a pool table resides.

Jelly Bean(13yrs), was our constant offsider all day, she never left our sides, so proud of her! She anticipated our every move and worked to assist our team of, mainly three, to be as seamless as possible (yes I’m part of that team but behind the camera each time). Having recently floored the previous two rooms we now knew what needed to be done to maintain a steady rhythm.

The older two girls popped in from time to time, but as they weren’t well they couldn’t assist for long.

Sanding the sheeting in preparation, measuring and selecting timber from the piles, gluing boards, laying the green strapping, hammering in the floorboards tight, sweeping debris, nailing the boards together with the secret nail gun and so the loop goes. We managed to complete this room within two days.

The pace slows down at the edge of the room, where the final few boards need holes drilled and are nailed into place, as the gun no longer fits.

Now our Great Hall – Pool, Learning and Dining Rooms are floored throughout.  After eight and a half years of ugly, stained sheeting, I couldn’t be more thrilled. The difference floorboards makes is unbelievable!! Still in shock really that it’s done and how it all looks 🙂 🙂

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  • Katherine

    Congratulations, Erin, it looks terrific, and you should be so proud of your team!
    I just read in a previous post about the book club idea and really like the sound of it – pity I live in another state or I might apply to join 🙂


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