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Creating A ‘Trampoline’ Garden

Most years PC and interested children plant a garden (I fall into the black thumb category).  Our garden however has never really thrived, unrelated to PC’s dedication and talent. More to do with it’s location as the garden was tucked away in an area of insufficient sunshine. It was long on PC’s list to relocate but as a man possessed of a long ‘honey do’ list and with little time, giving his garden the attention it needed was a dream but not a priority.


Jack Jack (11) is passionate about gardening, following in the footsteps of his father and paternal grandmother. It was JJ’s persistent ‘encouragement’ that bumped the need for a ‘proper’ garden up the list. When I shared with PC pictures online of old trampolines being converted into gardens, we realised we had our solution for an easy way of setting up a new garden. One that would not be too costly on time nor finances. Finally the garden could be moved to a sunny area where it would thrive.

The ‘trampoline garden’ sits in the midst of our back yard. We encircled the garden with tin and drilled over 300 holes into every curve of the corrugates. Wire was then ‘woven’ in and out to attach the poly pipe to the top of the tin. Wire was then attached to the poly pipe and has successfully kept out the dog, chooks and kangaroos. It was impressive to see the boys’ tenacity and we were appreciative of the girls’ assistance.

Two months on the garden is a source of delight to the children who tend it daily. It has also begun to be a source of food, it is thriving.

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