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Loungeroom Receives Floorboards

After laying floorboards in our Great Hall and Pool Room we immediately moved onto laying the loungeroom floor.

I’m just a month behind in sharing pictures 😉  I was particularly excited to give this room a makeover as it had become my least favourite room in the house. It was doing double duty as a loungeroom and toyroom, laying floorboards sprang a whole plan into action.

The advantage of flooring rooms ‘back to back’ means that we have a great rhythm flowing.  This time we broke the Crew into ‘tag teams’; Team 1 and Team 2, and whilst this ensured PC and I had regular breaks from bending over the nail gun, there were still plenty of other tasks needing to be undertaken to keep those teams flowing. 

The children are pros now at their various tasks and set to with a will; sanding, measuring timber boards, gluing, stapling the strapping, hammering floorboards tight, sweeping, wielding the nail gun hammer and so forth.

The flooring stock piles on the deck are steadily decreasing, the children are excited as it means they will once again be able to use their roller blades and scooters. However we’ve still another three rooms to floor after the loungeroom and it’s becoming obvious we will run out of our second hand timber before completion.

The girls have completely mastered secret nailing, I’m sure this skill must have been on their bucket list, despite their denials 😉

Flowing those tag teams seamlessly, we completed the loungeroom in just one weekend. We were rather happy with that as it’s an extra large room.

Before we knew it the last boards were being screwed down and the flooring was complete!

The loungeroom was then transformed into a loungeroom only, and it amazes us how spacious the room actually is.

Rather stunned every day how floorboards can make such a difference, and grateful for the skill and willingness of our children.

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