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Forming Good Habits

One of my goals for 2009 is re-visiting forming good habits for the whole family. Habits in many different areas, one is to make your bed every morning!

Conversation yesterday goes something like this:

Me: I want you to make your bed first thing in the morning.

Child: Why?

Me: Because it is a good habit to get into.


Me: Well, it helps to get you in the right mood, once you have made your bed you feel like the day has started and you feel more like working.

Child: It doesn’t make me feel like that.

Me: Well, just make your bed, its a good habit.

Child: Says who?

Me: Polite society.

Child: You always say we don’t have to do something just because everyone else is.

Me: Well, I’m now saying to do it because I’m your mother and I say to do it.

PC: Charlotte Mason says to air your bed for several hours before remaking it.

This is not what I expected him to retain when he started reading Charlotte Mason’s Home Education yesterday.

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