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Happy New Year, 2013

Happy New Year to al!!l:)
A New Year is an exciting event, a blank canvas awaiting the opportunity of new possibilities with a chance to re-write the script.  The last couple of days I’ve been reflecting on the year passed and mulling with fresh resolve for the New Year unfolding.  As in years past I’ve spent time considering my ‘word‘ for 2013, then I read Jennifer’s post on NY Resolutions for the Overwhelmed and I realised my script wasn’t that dissimilar to hers, the same issues here seem to re-occur year after year, with some year’s progress is more noticeable than others.  Like Jennifer, if we could just get a regular, consistent bedtime routine in place many other areas of our life needing work would fall into place easier.

Without further ado my word for 2013 is Order,  rather a boring word I realise, but my belief is this word is broad enough to encompass much.  Yes, I realise it isn’t really that dissimilar to some of our past words.

Keeping in mind last year’s resolutions I thought I’d enlarge a little with goals once again tying into my word.  You may note that they only vary slightly from last year, I’m consistent in one area at least:)


  • A rhythm of daily prayer throughout the day.   
  • Participate in a reading challenge
  • Optimum health via daily exercise and a grain free diet
  • Create and enjoy spontaneous and ‘planned’ fun moments with my husband and children.
  • Strong connections with our college girl
  • Rekindle our enthusiasm whilst maintaining academic excellence
  • Maintain a well-ordered home
  • Family and home first before screen
  • Focus on photography skills
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