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Heee Heee Meme

Vicky has tagged me for the Heee Heee Meme intended to spread laughter and hilarity throughout blogland.

This meme is Victor‘s brain child, any surprise;)

1. You must write the Meme whilst looking somewhat ridiculous.
Whatever you do to look and feel ridiculous, tell us about it.

2. Next you must tell us something funny or silly about yourself; or something that happened to you that made you look ridiculous.

3. Then LINK to three other people and invite them to join the Meme.

4. Finally don’t forget to LINK back to the person who invited you so that your readers can read about them and JOIN THE LAUGHTER.

Mmm giving it a shot

1. Well I NEVER look ridiculous, I’m ALWAYS well turned out, impeccably groomed;)

2. Well the most embarrassing moment which I can laugh about now, but not for years, was one Sunday Mass when I wore my slippers to Church.  Just imagine fluffy slipper boots topped with a skirt.  A certain distance between skirt and slipper boots meant it was noticeable indeed, I’m absolutely certain I looked ridiculous indeed.

3. Tagging my children, Legolas, Anna MariaHalt, Gimli & Princess.  Love to see whether my memory and theirs matches up;)

4. Thanks Vicky๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Anna Maria

    I still remember when you wore your slippers to Church, mostly because you were so embarrassed and you are right you are always impeccably groomed so it stood out in our memories.

  • Vicky

    Oh that's so funny, Erin! I used to have bad dreams where I'd be at the shops in my nightie but, then, I noticed that young people were actually choosing to wear their pj's to Coles, on a Sunday morning! It must be a new trend:-O

    Now, I'm intrigued to read your children's posts – that seems like it could be a brave move, Erin;-) At least, it would be in this house – we have a few practical jokers around here:-P

    Thanks for joining in, Erin:-)

  • Jeanne

    You are so funny! Why is wearing slippers so embarrassing? I can see that I will need a whole new wardrobe before we come and visit. I promise I will not wear my Uggies to church…though they are lovely crocheted black ones. Still chuckling, you silly thing. Hee hee.

  • Erin

    " you are always impeccably groomed so it stood out in our memories." You are so funny my daughter{{}}

    You have me laughing, but it is so true, what are they thinking!

    Maybe today with more years of confidence I wouldn't be so worried, mmm something to ponder. Hey I could always test it!;)

    Isn't people watching fascinating in the shopping centre!

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