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May – Month of Mary

In May we met once again with friends for an afternoon of ‘Faith and Fellowship.’  May’s theme was,of course Marian.  During the last few months we have been blessed with having a young, enthusiastic priest on a short term stay in the parish. We invited Father Nicholas to join us and he was delighted to do so:)

Father discussed Marian art, challenging the children to study and share their observations.  Father N teaches in the seminary and is quite comfortable using electronics as a teaching tool, as most of the children are under 10 the visual media helped keep their attention.

After lunch the children had a choice of art activities.  The older ones chose to make Marian grottos,

the younger children had a selection of Marian colouring pictures


and used their own creativity in layout and decoration.


Meanwhile Father introduced the older ones to wood carving.
Another successful afternoon:)

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  • Vicky

    An afternoon of Marian art sounds so creative and inspiring, Erin:-) And, how lovely of your priest to spend the afternoon with you – it must have been so lovely.

    The photos are beautiful – my favourite is the one of the boys doing the woodcarving. Is it that back view that's working so well, I wonder?!

  • Erin

    It was lovely, we have been so blessed to have him.
    The 'boys' is Father and my Michelangelo;) actually I 'cheated' and touched it up in pikmonkey. It was too dark.

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