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Homeschool Camp – 11th Year

A fortnight ago we were blessed to once again enjoy our annual Catholic Home Education camp.

This year we were thrilled to have a large, enthusiastic choir for our annual Confirmation/First Holy Communion Mass.
Our two eldest are in the centre, in the two back rows.

After the Mass (in which two of ours received Sacraments) we celebrated with cake and party.

Each day we enjoyed different activities, this year we visited a local rock pool.

It was such a beautiful, sunny day.

The children were fascinated by the marine life.

Little ones took the opportunity to cool off in the rock pools.

Our days were centred around our Faith, including daily Mass

and daily catechetical talks with our camp chaplain, Fr Rizzo.

We even managed to squeeze in a mother’s talk one afternoon (the Dad’s had a get together one night)

whilst our capable teens entertained the younger children

and the little ones.

Our nights were full of fun activities including quizes and dancing.  Dancing was a new feature this year, organised by our teens and was a very popular hit.

Our last day we enjoyed our annual carnival

With lots of enthusiasm and team spirit.

We finalised the camp with concert night,

featuring a variety of acts, including singing

and skits.  Fr Rizzo and Einstein; of course Father, a strong patriot is always quick to tote his flag.

There was lots of time for friendship, and three Australian representatives from 4real were quick to snap a shot:)  (Leanne, Linda and myself)
Another great year, hard to believe our 11th!

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  • Leanne

    Hi Erin,
    It was such a great camp. Best I had been at. So relaxing, The photos brought back lots of memories
    and Sue yes It would have lovely to have had you there as well.
    God Bless

  • Sue

    Camps are fun but I'm sure a homeschooling camp would be a blast! You've been homeschooling for 11 yrs (or more)? I would love to hear about how you prevent the dreaded 'burnout' and stay motivated with homeschooling all these years….. Its something that concerns me (when we start next year) but I'm sure when in the thick of it, this maybe a trivial concern lol! Cheers Sue

  • Erin


    It really was a relaxing camp:)

    I've been hsing for 14yrs (if we only start from when oldest was 4) I haven't prevented burnout, I'm only coming out the other side now. However my motivation, my reasons are what have kept me going. Not a trivial concern at all. Maybe one day I'll write a more coherent post.

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