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Honest Scrap

I was tagged with this Honest Scrap by Sarah. I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s, we are indeed ‘kindred spirits.’

Now my turn to share..10 honest things about me….

I don’t wear shoes; except when I go to town, oh and slippers in winter.
Once I forgot I had slippers on and wore them to Church! That was embarrassing, my seven year old checked my feet for months after when leaving the house.

I LOVE to read; history and mystery, homeschool philosophy are my first choices. But to be perfectly truthful I’ll read anything in print form.
Once I went on a mystery binge to the point of plotting a murder…well not really, but my husband suggested that perhaps I’d overdone it when I asked him if turning the power on whilst he was changing a lightbulb would kill him. I just wondered.

I don’t wear make-up, mainly because my husband likes me that way. He says ‘I’m beautiful as I am’ Awww.

I haven’t yet decided on this ‘year’s theme.’ I only have six months left!!!
One year was the year I ‘learnt to make bread.’ Another ‘the year I mastered the computer’ one year I ‘learnt to play the piano’ (well sort of) another… I just realised I did learn to knit this year:) and maybe this will be the year I also learn to frame a house.

I wasn’t very popular at school. I was nerdy, gauche, and plain shy. You know the kid who never got the jokes, who was so dumb, and so uncool.
Even now I sometimes feel socially inept, I still make fopahs, I’m never sure if its because of my hearing loss or because I’m still so dumb sometimes.

Talking about hearing loss, yes I’m deaf. Oh sorry ‘hearing impaired’ πŸ˜‰ A genetic fluke that hit my sister and brother as well. Not totally deaf, a mild to moderate loss. Just enough to not hear mosquitoes (boy does my husband look funny running around the room at nothing) and to not hear sand hitting the floor when swept from the bedsheets (did you know that people can actually hear that?? wow!)

I’m pretty much ‘boy-proofed,’ I tell my boys to not even bother trying to shock me, my five brothers have already tried it all. Boy were they crazy and dumb. My boys love hearing their stories though, but they shake their heads and say, “that was dangerous.” Yep, although funny too, there was the time one brother threw chicken legs from the newly killed chicken into the bath with me, actually that wasn’t funny.

I have an wee obsession about covering books in book wrap. My friends laugh at me, but then they deliberately lend their books to me uncovered so I will cover it for them. You know it does make the book ‘live’ longer. Which reminds me dd5 told me yesterday in horrified terms she found an uncovered book..

I’d love to be one of those people who have the home decorating knack, I have a couple of friends who do and I wish I did. I’m still not sure if I just need to try harder or if I will never have it. Do I just accept this or not?

I am so proud of my husband and children. My husband is a wonderful man who to me personifies a modern Catholic gentleman. My older children are becoming lovely young adults, I find the glimpses of the adults they will be delightful. My middle children are a pleasure to be around, and my little ones are just plain cute. I love them all dearly. I’m not biased, truly.

Kindred Spirit Sarah obviously enjoys ‘hanging out’ with the same people I do, so I’ll enlarge the list further and pass this award onto:

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My apologies ahead for not emailing my ‘awardees’ but my computer is having difficulty in opening up comments, it is so slow it falls over.

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  • Aussie Therese

    lol at the slippers at church Erin.

    This morning when we were walking into church I noticed a stain on my top in the centre. I cannot believe I didn't notice it before that. I tried keeping my hand bag in front of it for the whole mass. :::blush:::

    I think I need a child to check me. I am so busy checking everyone else is dressed appropriately.

  • Fe


    I have just started covering books with contact! To start with it was just the French picture books, because they're hard to replace… then it was some of the 'school' books… now I'm working on them all (well, the school one's at any rate!) I think it makes a lot of senseβ€”mind you, I also have most of our books filed alphabetically… which I know some people find odd:-)

  • Sarah

    That was fun to read! We are indeed kindred spirits. πŸ™‚ Oh- except for the shoes thing. I can't stand not wearing shoes- even in my own house. πŸ™‚

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