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Hug Your Loved Ones Extra Tight Tonight

Tonight my heart aches.

This week the homeschooling community in Australia is grieving. Earlier this week Elijah Rainbow Fisher, 6mths tragically drowned. Since I heard the news yesterday I have been in a fog, I cannot comprehend the pain that his mother is bowed under. During the night as I tended to my precious boy I thought of Lauren, thought of her empty arms, the enormous stresses she is under, I mourned for their loss, prayed for her and her girls, and for her husband. Then I blessed my child and kissed him repeatedly thinking all the while of another mother’s pain. I am gutted, I simply can’t make sense of this, I feel so bewildered.

This afternoon I received more tragic news, a Sydney homeschool mum,Pam Cain, known as Paminoz to many of us passed away early this morning following a heart attack. Pam leaves behind her loving husband and four children 18, 15, 6, 4. I’ve ‘known’ Pam for many years now, we first ‘met’ back in pre-internet days back when the CM community in Australia was fledgling, we originally were part of a CM sharing newsletter community and then we kept ‘running into’ each other, sharing cyberspace and friends. My heart is heavy imagining the shock and sorrow of her husband and young children.

Tonight my heart simply aches, I’ve hugged my children extra hard, told them I love them with an extra awareness. Tonight I reflect upon my day, and think about what if it had been my last day on earth, did I live it to the full, what legacy did I leave? Tomorrow I plan on being more conscious in my living. Life can change so fast, so unexpectedly. Hug your loved ones extra tight tonight.

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  • Vicky


    I know how you must be feeling. Over the years, two of my church friends have lost children from drowning and my cousin died of a brain tumour, leaving two young sons behind. All of these had a big impact but one in particular left me feeling quite numb and disorientated, for months.

    That urge to hug the children more and keep them safe has been lasting – I am over-protective of the children and they have to humour me. But I don't apologise for it – they know the reason why.

    I will keep you all in my prayers, Erin.
    God bless {{}}

  • Linda

    Hugging here, too. And praying. While I've only come across Lauren on occasion, I knew Pam, and the shock has left me feeling lost, and numb.

    It makes one realise just how fragile life can be.

  • Leanne

    Yes its been a really hard week hasn't it..I just heard about Pam as well..Although I don't know her I have heard of her.
    You are so right, give your childen an extra hug and Blessing.. I did the same thing…You never know what will happen next
    God Bless,


  • Chareen

    Oh Erin. Was really sad for you when I read your post but it made me appreciate my family a little more.

    May the God of all comfort surround you in His presence and place His mantle of mercy and grace upon you at this time.

    Matthew 5:4
    2 Corinthians 1:3
    3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of sympathy (pity and mercy) and the God [Who is the Source] of every comfort (consolation and encouragement),

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