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I am so proud of myself!

March 7th, 2007

This is my year to achieve, yes!!! Already this year I have acheived two elusive goals that I have striven towards for years. Firstly I finally, finally have successfully made scones. After years of failures, grasping at fail proof receipes (so called) I have cooked tall, fluffy scones. Not only once mind you but repeatedly. In fact after the first weekend we ate so many we were all sconed out.
With goal one achieved I moved on to the next. To make bread, now this has long been my goal since my honeymoon days in fact 14years ago. When we were first married we lived in a little village that made bricks. My darling Prince Charming made many a remark about how I was competing with the local brick making company, he thought he was being funny, well I guess it was in a way. Persistently every year oh about January, you know just after New Years resolutions were made I would try once again to only give up after a variety of failures. Well this year I finally have done it. I have made bread that has my family begging for more!!!!

I am officially the bread champion of my family. I do hope you excuse my boasting but I think I should be able to for some time bask in the title. Prince Charming not to be outdone has had a try with my new receipe and I must admit turned out a fancy loaf that did look lovely, his was plaited. However it was not as well cooked as mine as he thought that he knew best and didn’t take MY advice regarding temperature. So for the moment I am the reigning champion although I just know PC will contest again. Oh and not to be left behind the children have been trying their hand as well.

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