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Loveliness of Homemade Gifts Fair

Announcing another Loveliness Fair by the ladies at 4Real Learning! This Fair, The Loveliness of Homemade Gifts is hosted byDawn at ‘Sun and Candlelight’

Our family would like to share some homemade gifts they are not made by me (no I am not that talented) but were made by my children for Christmas’ Past and Birthdays.

This bookmark was made by Koala(13) last year for her brother. Her idea is each sibling receives one once they are independently reading. A lovely incentive that encourages reading and a great commemoration of achievement. This gift would have to be the most used item in our household because the cross-stitiching is done on material it is so soft and everyone’s favourite bookmark to use. Over the last couple of Christmas’ great nanna, grandmothers, uncles, aunts and of course parents and siblings have received these beautiful gifts.

Michaelangelo(7) made this lovely card box for Nature Boy’s birthday this year. Nature Boy wanted something to put his cards in and Michaelangelo insisted that Daddy help him make this box. Lots of secret cutting and hammering went on in the shed in the week prior to the Big Day.

Koala made this ‘rabbit’ for Jelly Bean from a discarded sock!! I think it very clever of her if you didn’t know you wouldn’t realize that it was made from a sock. Jelly Bean loves this present made by her big sister.

Daddy received this gift from Koala. The photo doesn’t do the gift justice. On a tile is mounted a photo of the children with a 3D layered effect. You will need three photos, the bottom layer is the full photo on top of that Koala cut out the three children at the back and glued them onto matchsticks, and then the three front children are cut out and glued onto matchsticks on top of the previous photo. Hence the 3D layers. Then glue a ribbon to hang the picture by. It is quite time consuming but the finished effect is fantastic, Daddy loved it and placed it on his desk at work.

Last Christmas I threw out lots of hints to Prince Charming that I wanted, no needed, a ‘Potato Box’. Prince Charming did not listen, however Koala came to the rescue.

This lovely box sits in the bottom of my pantry and stores the potatoes. You can imagine how thrilled I was with my present on Christmas morning but what meant the most to me was that my daughter showed her love to me in the very special way of making me a present herself.

One of my most prized gifts was from Prince Charming, the gift of bookcases. What other present is going to make a bookloving woman (no I am not a member of BA,Books Anonoymous. I don’t have a problem) estatic but bookcases.

One birthday I received 3 bookcases 6ft high!! Was I happy!!! Notice up the middle he has drilled a support (a broom handle) to take all the weight, he also grooved all the shelves in and glued and screwed. No staples and nails for me. Aren’t I a lucky one!

Nothing is as treasured as a well thought out gift that is handmade, there is just something very special about such a present. This year I am going to have a go at making presents, what, I’m not sure, but with my children showing the way I’m sure I’ll manage a gift or two.

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  • Carol

    This is really interesting to read…and quite enjoyed myself as well…thanks for sharing all these with us…and hey you can also drop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometimes and check out some of the unique ideas and resources i’ve posted there!!!

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