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Swimming Carnival

Yesterday we participated in our first ever swimming carnival. It was a homeschool carnival:) We had a lovely day and it was great to see all the children get in and ‘have a go’.This term and last our children have been attending swimming lessons and squad. Twice weekly the older two would swim up to four kilometres and the next three have been working hard at improving their strokes. So they were feeling confident at trying the various strokes.Butterfly, breastroke, backstroke, freestyle, medley and 400metres. They were very successful and we were most surprised to travel home with age championship trophies for the oldest four and a second place age champion ribbon for Princess.Prince Charming and I also decided to enter the ‘open’ and give it a go. Prince Charming accquitted himself well and won the race! and my dc were most proud that their mother didn’t come last:)The day finished with a lovely time of free play in the pool and then a visit to Spotlight on the way home! Oh I wish we had a Spotlight in our town.

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