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I’m Nominated for Best Variety Blog!

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Imagine my surprise when I discovered I’ve been nominated for… Best Variety Blog over at the Homeschool Blog Awards!!!  After reading Angela’s astonishment at being nominated for Best Nitty Gritty Blog (perfect nomination for her!) I wandered over and received my own pleasant surprise.

HSBA define a Best Variety Blogger as:
“This blogger is one that could fit in any of these categories…but they just can’t be pinned down in ONE. This type of bloggers is always moving on from one thing to the next…and always keeping you interested in coming back for more!”

Oh wow, always keeping you interested in coming back for more, I sure hope so.  I do know I have some delightful, loyal readers and commentators, and I thank you for being you.  A big thank you to the lovely person/s who nominated me, I am honoured and humbled.

There is a great roll up of bloggers for the Awards, this year, some familiar and some new ones to discover, in 20 different categories! A shout out to those I know, though I’m sure the others are just as worthy, a great way to spread the blog love.

As I look over the list I’m sharing with you, I realised I have forged real (albeit online) and precious friendships with most. Women whom I otherwise would never have ‘met’, whose friendships have enriched my life.

Best Crafts, Plans and Projects
Every Bed of Roses – Our Aussie Chareen, who has such energy and many terrific projects (originally from South Africa;)
Everyday Snapshots – Pam whose organisation I so appreciate
Shower of Roses – Jessica with her many brilliant Faith craft ideas, my ‘go to’ blog for liturgical celebrations every time

Best Current Events, Opinions and/or Politics
Carrots for Michelmas – Haley always makes me think, a good thing

Best Encourager
Forever, For Always, No Matter What – Jen, a mum of 6 children from many nations, an inspiration for that alone
Wildflowers and Marbles – Jen Mack who is encouraging to me and to all in so many ways

Best Homeschool Methods
A Peaceful Day – Our own Aussie Jeanne, so knowledgeable and experienced in Charlotte Mason methods, best of all we share a love of books
Stories of an Unschooling Family – Sue, a fellow Catholic Aussie, passionate about and successful in unschooling

Best Homeschool Mom
Amongst Lovely Things – Sarah who truly manages to juggle many, many interests (and children) successfully

Best Homeschool Nature and Field Trip
Campfires and Cleats – Chris is a long term reader here:) and has unique distinction of being nominated not only for this category but 3 in total! Chris is also up for the Best Encourager and Best Photos

Best Nitty-Gritty Homeschool
Three Plus Two – Angela, who keeps it real, interesting and thought provoking

Best Photos
Small Things – Ginny, whose gentle photos are inspirational

Best Super Homeschooler
Shower of Roses – Jessica truly is a Super Homeschooler! She accomplishes so much, is extremely creative and gracious too

Best Variety
Seven Little Australians & Counting😉 – Yours truly who is still a little stunned to be included in the line up

Funniest Homeschool Blog
This Ain’t The Lyceum – Kelly whom has challenges indeed!! but has managed to keep her sense of humour

Head on over and check out the roll up of homeschool bloggers:)

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