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Jack Jack moves to a ‘Big Bed’

I’ve shared before that we live in a small house, in fact it is 1005 square feet which is a challenge for nine people. A few months back Prince Charming and I decided to settle Jack Jack in his new bed before the baby arrived so he wouldn’t feel dispossessed from his previous place in the Master Bedroom. How to fit four boys in the one room involved some thought and Prince Charming was brilliant to come up with this idea.
He designed and made this bed small enough to fit a cot mattress and yet it is long enough for an average five year old. Using bed head and end from parts he had stored away, the sides came from another disused bed and the slats were recycled from pallets from his friend’s rural feed store.

I think it so cute, I call it a Doll’s Bed. It’s quite low to the ground too so Jack Jack hasn’t fallen too far the times he has rolled out. I’m quite proud of PC’s ingenuity.

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