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Jack Jack’s Mass Basket

Attending Mass with a two year old is often a challenge. To this end I cast around for ideas to help my boy be silent and still, after brainstorming ideas with the ladies on 4 Real I came up with Jack Jack’s Mass Basket.

I included a Bible board book, a little prayer book with beautiful pictures, a small statue of the Sacred Heart which was a big hit and a little plaster cast of the Infant Jesus, a rosary bracelet, a couple of large holy cards in which I punched
holes and added some threading shoelace, a small blank book and added some pencils for him to draw with, and a number of holy cards banded together on a key ring (well technically I used a pipe cleaner;) This basket was kept especially for Mass only.

Did it work? Well it helped but hey we are talking 2 year olds.

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