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Laundry Completed!

We’ve finished the laundry!!!!:):) 
Building your house yourselves can be disheartening at times, you spent weeks feeling as if you are  getting no-where, then all of a sudden several projects seem to wrap up simultaneously.  First the bathroom was completed and now the laundry:)

I’m afraid I was a poor photographer for the laundry project, always meaning to run and get the camera, however it is a long way from one end of the house and back again, very lame I know( hang head in shame) 

Be assured that PC put in many an hour tiling the laundry floor and walls, including a very impressive feature wall where the washer and dryer will be. 

As usual he did a professional looking job with his eye and attention to detail and patience for meticulousness. Very impressed with what he has done in the bathroom and laundry:)

 This time I ‘delegated’ the painting to Team members. 
It’s been a while since Anna Maria has been home whilst a painting project was going, but she hasn’t forgotten how:)

 Einstein was ‘a trooper’ doing the ‘lion’s share’ of the painting. Thank you son, very much appreciated!

I can’t help thinking my laundry looks rather glamorous:)
Nearly seems a shame to add something as mundane as a washer and dryer
 PC is talking a wall to wall, ceiling height cupboard here, with bench top cupboards along the wall to the left. I’m a lucky woman indeed:)
Thanks darlin’, another impressive job!!!
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  • Cassie Williams

    Love it! How exciting! My parents built their house themselves and we lived in the basement for many years. Interest rates went extremely high in the 80's while they were building so that was all they could do for a long time. I was too young to help. I do remember bringing water to everyone while they worked. I also remember telling my dad what color the wires were when he did electric work (he has color blindness, yikes!). Funny thing is, now that all his kids are grown (and there is more money) he hires out a lot of home repair/remodel work out. I say it took at least 6 years to build, not counting the sunroom that was added on when I was a teenager.

  • Erin

    Glad to know I'm not losing you with the building posts:)

    How interesting to know. Yikes! the electrical story is rather scary!

    We should, would like to but we really need to do fencing on one side and no time as we're busy building.

    Thank you:) Yes you would totally understand:)

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