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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 210)

I believe we have just survived the ‘week of all weeks!’ I should never had said it was to be our first week all term with no interruptions! Three major, unplanned, emotion packed events occurred this week, that is aside from normal emotional moments of life with the needs of many!! Let’s see…

Tuesday Bass(3) was injured playing on the trampoline, he cried and complained of a sore neck, not wanting to move it, obviously I was concerned about spinal injuries. I took him into the hospital for a CAT scan, very scary moments.  I admit I was feeling reasonable sure he was okay but when I saw the doctors and nurses all in a huddle peering at the screen and confabbing I had several moments.  As I stood by Bass’ hospital bed and prayed for acceptance and strength I really felt Him with me! Fortunately the news was good, it was muscular not skeletal.  

Wednesday the timber mill where PC works caught fire! 11am on a work day, 120 people were evacuated, one quarter of the mill was burnt! Praise God no one was injured, that’s the fact to keep hold of..but what next? Millions of dollars of damage, production machines damaged. Admin staff are still working, factory staff go back next week, slowly work resumes.  I keep thinking I blithely sent my husband off to work that day, never dreaming about the potential threat of a fire. I often pray for Our Lord to protect him when driving, car fatalities seem to be a very real danger, but fire! it had never occurred to me.

Thursday… well actually this story began the Friday before when Carpenter (19) fell during his soccer warm up, onto his side.  Stoic that he is despite considerable pain he played the second half of the semi-finals.  At midnight that night in pain he drove himself to the hospital to discover he had a broken wrist, they put a half cast on it.  Communication was not good! (understatement) and it wasn’t until after some mis-directions he made it across the City (to the much better hospital) for a cast on Thursday.  Hours later he was finally told that he had multiple fractures on the bone and a twisted wrist and therefore needed surgery, asap! That was so hard, on him, alone, unprepared and unsupported, so hard on us his family to be so far from him, not there with him as he waited and prepared.  He was also told that he would have to stay in the City and attend daily hand therapy at the hospital for six weeks! So disappointing for all!!
Surgery went well and Royal North Shore is indeed an impressive hospital! He needed a plate, screws, and was/is in considerable pain. Family in the City rallied and it was such a comfort for him and for us to know they were there waiting when he came out of recovery and to take him back home, also to help with further trips to the hospital.
Silver lining is he is able after all to come home, hand therapy can be done here after all. Here he will be for a few months as he can’t complete exams, nor work.
Being so far from your children when they are is need is hard, so very hard.

On to lighter topics;) Still researching fermenting, kombuchas, various diets, vitamins, minerals etc etc. How do we know which idea is the ‘right’ one, the lifestyle that will help maximise optimum health, it’s all so very confusing and so whilst I hover in indecision I do little.  I feel a little like a hamster at a fork in the road, swinging my head left and right, left and right, saying “which path, which path?”

With Advent racing towards us my mind is turning towards book gifts for our children for St Nicholas Day.  The oldest three girls choices were easy, they’re done. I keep a running list of ideas in my wishlist folder on Book Depository, so I only needed to select from there.  Mostly I’m struggling with ideas for the teenage boys, what books would you recommend for teenage boys? 19, 17 & 15.  Also considering saints books for the younger boys; 8, 6 & 3, and perhaps a quality board book for the baby, any suggestions?

I’m looking forward to a weekend of re-arranging our house, preparing a bedroom for our College boy to come home to!:) PC of course has still yet more tiling to do! How about you? Any special plans for the weekend?

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  • Sarah

    What a week! That must have been so stressful for all of you. My top recommendation for teen boys (and adults) would be Rosemary Sutcliffe's novels, particularly the Eagle of the Ninth series. They are such well written classics, with vivid descriptions and great action. The Eagle of the Ninth series follows the course of Roman rule (and the spread of Christianity) in Britain through a family of centurions and warriors. My Mom read the series out loud to us starting when we were about ten. It was a pleasure to introduce them to my husband when we got married, and I re-read them often.

  • Olivia

    Oh my goodness Erin, I dread these event, but three in one week is outrageous.
    THanks be to God, they are all ok.
    You'll go straight to the top of my prayer list this week
    Liv x

  • Angel

    What a week, Erin! I'm glad to hear that everyone seems to be doing better now, but I really hope next week calms down for you! I'm completely in the same place with the health stuff, though. I made some stupid decisions to test whether I was sensitive to fermented food at the beginning of the summer and removed them, and then my immune system fell apart again, so… I have to say, I do think they are important! But trying to find a good probiotic, whether to eat grains or not, or… ack. Just seems like a mess of contradictions!

  • Erin

    Yes what a week!!! The most difficult in a loong time!

    Have lots of R Sutcliffe:)

    Husband's position is safe, but sadly some workers lost their jobs:(

    Thank you for the prayers:):)

    So fermented foods I need to get serious about! I have the best intentions. Yes! so many differing opinions!

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