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Leaping Into Literature: A Tradition

Last year towards the end of 4th term we immersed ourselves in literature, reading our way through towering piles of books, christening this time, Leaping into Literature. It was so popular we’ve decided to conclude our school year this way once again, thus a tradition has been born.

As per our approach last year we are focusing on literature and the 4Rs although this year our Leaping into Literature is more for the younger children. Our teenagers’ focus is more of an intensive writing/grammar nature, so they aren’t joining us other than reading as per usual, which translates to a a couple of books a week for each teen. Our first week back saw us settling into learning after a few weeks break and this week has seen more of the same, today though I wanted to chat about books.

This week we’ve managed to read our way through a slew of books, finding some ‘keepers’ and ‘duds’, actually thus far more of the dud variety than keepers. Our library allows us to reserve 30 books per card, thus with twelve family members you can image we’re keeping our librarians busy this term;) Sharing our finds here, more detailed reviews on some titles to follow and for my local readers, all the books listed can be borrowed from our regional library.

I asked Jelly Bean (10) and Jack Jack (8) to give a star rating as a quick guide regards the keepers and duds, they considered interest when rating and were tough critics, I would have rated a couple slightly higher than they did.

Katie and the Bathers – Jame Mayhew 4.5 Star
Katie and the Spanish Princess – James Mayhew 4 Star
Katie and the British Artists – James Mayhew 3.5 star
Katie and Scotland – James Mayhew 2 Star
Art Collector – Jan Wahl 3 Star
A Bird in Winter – Helene Kerillis 2 Star
Art & Max – David Wiesner 0 Star

The Emu that Laid the Golden Egg – Yvonne Morrison 4 Star
There Was an Old Sailor – Claire Saxby 4 Star
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Mozzie – P Crumble 3 .5 Star
Fire – Jackie French 3.5 Star
Warambi – Aleesah Darlison  3.5 Star
My Two Blankets – Irena Kobald 3.5 Star
The Treasure Box – Margaret Wild 3.5 Star
Banjo and Ruby Red – Libby Gleeson 3 Star
Coming Home – Sharon McGuinness 2.5 Star 
Come Fly With Captain Kangaroo – Mandy Foot 1.5 Star 
Today We Have No Plans – Jane Godwin 1.5 Star
Little Cat and the Big Red Bus – Jane Goodwin 1.5 Star
The Dream of the Thylacine -Margaret Wild 1.5 Star
Ebi’s Boat – Claire Saxby 1 Star
No More Kisses – Margaret Wild 0 Star
Moving House: The Queenslander a House for Life – Sasi Victoire 0 Star

The Library – Sarah Stewart 4.5 Star
Library Mouse a Friend’s Tale – Daniel Kirk 3.5 Star
The Bush Book Club – Margaret Wild 2.5 Star
The Children Who Loved Books – Peter Carnavas 2.5 Star
Babies Love Books – Catherine & Laurence Anholt 1 Star 
Lola at the Library – Anna McQuinn 1 Star

The Dumpster Diver – Janet S Wong 4 Star
The Room of Wonders – Sergio Ruzzier 2.5 Star

Oscar and the Bird: A Book about Electricity – Geoff Waring 2.5 Star
Let’s Go Rock Collecting – Roma Gans 2.5 Star (Read and Find Out)

Short Chapter 
Sarky Puddleboat – Eve Branson 4 Star

Olivia Goes To Venice – Ian Falconer 1.5 Star (I thought rating a little harsh for both)
Chase Through Venice – Sally Gould 1.5 star

Ahmed and the Feather Girl – Jane Ray 4 Star
That’s What Leprechauns Do – Eve Bunting 3.5 Star
Moonbird – Joyce Dunbar 3.5 Star
Town Mouse Country Mouse – Jan Brett 3.5 Star
Alfie Wins a Prize – Shirley Hughes 2 Star
When Dads Don’t Grow Up – Marjorie Blain Parker 1 Star
Around the House the Fox Chased the Mouse: Adventures in Prepositions – Rick Walton 0 Star
Stretch – Doreen Cronin 0 Star
Dooby Dooby Moo – Doreen Cronin  0 Star
Necks out for Adventure – Timothy Basil Ering 0 Star
I Am Pangoo the Penguin – Satomi Ichikawa 0 Star
Oddly – Joyce Dunbar 0 Star
The Book Book – Nathaniel Lachenmeyer 0 Star
The Little Dinosaur – Catriona Hoy 0 Star
Parachute – Danny Parker  0 Star
Betsy Red Hoodie – Gail Carson Levine  0 Star

Sharing at The Wine Dark Sea’s Guilt Free Learning Notes Linkup

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  • Provincial Homemaker

    Oh, we love the Katie books, though our library unfortunately doesn't hold any so it is just what I have collected. Found some of the other ratings interesting. I must admit I have recently contemplated the value of our weekly visits to the library as it has such limited choice and we come home with such duds. I feel this somewhat undermines my carefully put together home collection.

  • Melanie Bettinelli

    I know what you mean about the trips to the library seeming to undermine your carefully curated collection. I feel the same way and yet I do need to go to the library to pick up my on hold books, which are usually borrowed from other libraries in the system. I love the people at our local library and occasionally we find some gems, but the duds the kids bring home do seem to outnumber them. Sometimes, I confess, I have left the kids in the car while I run in to pick up the on hold books.

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    I just reserved the Katie books, but our library isn't have all the titles you mention.

    We have similar experiences with the library vs home library. I reserve ahead of time, but allow the boys to choose their own. It goes in waves, some good, some bad.

    Art and Max zero? We received that book as a gift. It's not a keeper, but I didn't think it rated so low!

  • Erin

    They were tough, had to plead to uprate some! Reading probably an hour a day

    Have to admit I agree with the children pretty closely with the Katie ratings. The Scotland one was quite disappointing.

    PH and Melanie
    Remember the children were rating these, I would have rated some a little higher. Libraries do have gems we just have to shift through to find them.

    They were tough! I thought it could have come in slightly higher too

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