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Lining Wet Area Rooms

A few days prior to Christmas we took delivery of a truck load of gyprock and wet area sheeting. This was to be our project for PC’s Christmas break, 14 days off and this is what he had to look forward too;)

First area to tackle has been the wet area rooms, 5 in total.  We’ve been insulating with a new product, made out of recycled glass, it comes in uncut rolls to be cut into size, this means we have far less wastage and it doesn’t itch.

First room to be completed was our ensuite, I am so looking forward to having my own bathroom.

The main bathroom was the next room to be lined, some of those sheets were massive and heavy!

A totally different look now:)

Moving along from the bathroom we then focused

on the powder room, toilet and hallway.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to have a walls.

The powder room will contain two sinks and a large mirror, once showered the child can move to the powder room to brush hair, apply makeup etc freeing up the shower for another child.

The toilet, powder room and bathroom all flow easily together.

The final room to line was the laundry, oh how I’m looking forward to a laundry that doesn’t shake and will house clothes sorting cubicles and extra storage space:)

Once the door was hung we insulated and lined, calling in for extra help with the heavier sheets.

All five wet area rooms are now completed.  It will most likely be a few months before we begin tiling and installing bathroom hardware, meanwhile the linings show we are a little closer to completion.

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