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Loveliness Fair – Children’s Books

Books abound in our home. Picture and chapter books of all genres. Adventures, mysteries, fantasy, classics, history, nature… Good quality books is our mantra. Books that feed the mind and nourish the soul. Books that contain illustrations that capture the children’s imagination and are rich in language.

We were blessed to receive a large amount of books from my childhood. Since then we have added to the collection. We haunt library and rotary sales, op shop and garage sales. A percentage of books are purchased and every member of this household holds their own library card. Our oldest children’s first work pay check went on the purchase of books:) A part of our library is visible at Aussie Book Threads.

Reading is part of our daily rhythm nurturing all. Journeying through the world of picture books we have enjoyed the adventures of Possum Creek, the simplicity of Martin Waddell, the rich mastery of words and gentle illustrations of Beatrix Potter.

Over the years we have read our way through a surprising number of chapter books too. We have explored America with Laura Ingalls, pioneered with Caddie Woodlawn, experienced the South Pole with Roald Amudsen, laughed at naughty Blinky Bill and feasted at Redwall Abbey. The horizons opened, the thoughts introduced and discussed, the extensive vocabulary has become an integral and vital part of our family culture. Most importantly books have created a love of learning in each of our children.

I have invited each of the children to share their current favourite books/author;
Koala (16)is passionate about history titles by GA Henty, the Anne books by LM Montgomery and Australian authors Ethel and Lillian Turner.
Carpenter(14) loves fantasy series. The Ranger’s Apprentice books by John Flanagan, Lord of the Rings, Raising Dragons Series by Bryan Davies and The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.
Einstein (12) also loves The Ranger’s Apprentice books by John Flanagan and The Redwall Books by Brian Jacques.
Michelangelo (10) has just discovered the Battle Boy books by Charlie Carter.
Princess (8) enjoys all the Little House Chapter Books by Laura Ingalls.
Jelly Bean (5) is a Beatrix Potter fan with Peter Rabbit as her absolute favourite.
Jack Jack (3) is obsessed with PB Bear.
Jem (18mths) loves to sit and snuggle.

This month Gae is hostessing the Loveliness Fair, be sure to visit for inspiration from other book lovin’ mummas.

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