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Meet Our Students – Aussie NBTS

Our Worldwide Classroom
Kylie and Chareen are co-hosting the Aussie Not Back To School Blog Hop! Three years ago we joined in the fun, and it’s time again:)  Calling out to all Aussie homeschoolers to join in. Be sure to pop on over and meet everyone.

We are kicking off the blog hop by introducing our ‘students’. Whilst this year we have only five ‘official students’, obviously all of our children have an impact on every aspect of our lives including our learning. Our baby, our pre-schooler and our three graduates whether living at home or far away in Sydney all play a part. If they need us, whether directly or long distance, learning is impacted as we stop to attend to their needs.

Our five school aged children are at various stages, two of highschool age, three of primary years, until recently I’ve been able to group my younger three together for much of their learning but that’s all currently changing.  Then again after over a decade and a half of homeschooling if there is one fact I’m certain of it is that our approach has to be constantly adaptable.  So onto the roll call:

Bella aged 13 months

  • Wild child
  • Not shy in expressing her needs
  • Happiest amongst siblings
  • Constantly moving, plotting mischief, we are on high alert
  • Confident she is completely doted upon

Bass aged 3 years 10 months

  • Gentle and sweet
  • Extremely cute
  • Exceptionally helpful, initiative and perseverance far beyond his years
  • Can play independently
  • Keen to keep up with his older siblings

Jem aged 6 years 4 months

  • Fearless and impetuous, has given us several scares
  • Plays with people, rarely toys
  • Loves running
  • Very quick to learn new maths concepts
  • Keen to become a reader

Jack Jack aged 8 years 7 months

  • Gentle and patient big brother
  • Likes to know the ‘rules’ and abides by them
  • Emerging from an anxious child to one gaining in confidence
  • Rapidly maturing
  • Very clever at maths

Jelly Bean aged 10 years 7 months

  • Athletic and loves soccer
  • Extremely capable with stickability
  • Dad’s helper
  • Recently began reading for pleasure!
  • Now a keen reader

Princess aged 13 years 4 months

  • Our dancing girl
  • Quick wit
  • Sees a maintenance need and quietly fixes it
  • Literature based learner
  • Mostly independently learning

Michelangelo aged 15 years 7 months

  • Very mature and responsible
  • Incredible retention
  • Soaks up knowledge
  • Solves problems by thinking ‘outside the box’
  • Loves History and Science

Einstein aged 17 years 10 months

  • Enthusiastic, confident and positive
  • Independently living
  • Has initiative
  • Deep thinker
  • Interested in Business

Carpenter aged 19 years 9 months

  • Independent and hardworking
  • Responsible and houseproud
  • Conscientious College Student
  • Studying for his Liberal Arts Degree, third and final year
  • Enthusiastic about history


Anna Maria aged 21 years 5 months

  • Extra sensitive to the feeling of others
  • Analytical and logical
  • Ponders deeply
  • Quietly confident
  • Adventerer
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