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Monthly Memories – June 2012


Sharing our Monthly Memories.

As always, sharing a month at a time means that only a snippet is recorded.

Our logic classes with Father N:)  Before Father N left we were blessed that he was able to present a series of logic classes to the children.  We (both children and mums) thoroughly enjoyed his presentations and learnt so much.  Father designed the lessons himself, and presented them on the flat screen.  These lessons were such a blessing and we are still talking and implementing the skills learnt:):)

Maintaining steady progress in the 4Rs, Science and the Humanities.


  • Carpenter making fantastic progress on his essay for competition!  Exceptionally well written, researched and impressively working towards his deadline.
  • Carpenter making great inroads with his maths.
  • Einstein continued his fascination with Science.  He spent hours watching video clips on the various elements.
  • Einstein  read a collection of historical books regards the discovery of the elements, how the table was documented and who were the figures involved.
  • Michelangelo enjoyed our new writing tasks that he was assigned
  • Michelangelo  enjoyed mastering a few new skills in technology.  We are now on the lookout for a program.
  • Princess is enjoying her piano lessons and learning quickly.
Spontaneous Learning
Many of our favourite and memorable moments in our home education journey is when our children take up an area of interest and learn of their own volition.

  • Carpenter is enjoying his clarinet, learning several pieces each week.  His teacher is happy with his diligence.
  • Carpenter has once again begun working on his novel.


Hours and hours of playing in the winter sunshine.  Lots of time on the new trampoline.


Jelly Bean ‘graduating’ to chapter books:)  She is really happy with the Magic Tree House books.
Documentaries Watched

History of Maths (Michelangelo)
Invasions of Mongolia, China & Japan (Einstein)


The consuming reading  of books, in particular living books comprises the bulk of our learning.  I didn’t faithfully record all books but I know many more were read.Picture Books
Butterfly Birthday – Harriet Ziefert
Utterly Otterly Day – Mary Casanova
Crocodile River – Diane Lawrenson
White Owl, Barn Owl – Nicola Davies
The Deer in the Wood – Little House Bk
Do Like a Duck Does! _ Judy Hindley
Home – Narelle Oliver
The Hunt – Narelle Oliver
Little Bat – Tania Cox
Grandma Lena’s Big Ol’ Turnip – Denis Hester
Gakky Two Feet – Micky Dolene
Song of the Dove (Bellini) – Sonai Kretschmer

Individual Reading
To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee (half read)
Joe’s Body (nearly finished)
Set All Afire – Louis de Wohl (half)

Periodic Table & Elements, (variety see above)
Sword of Clontarf – Charles Brady
Fire in the Stone – Colin Thiele
57 Stories of Saints – Eileen Heffernan
The Book of Names: Legends of Karac Tor – D Barkley Briggs

Battle Boy Underwater War – Charlie Carter
Horrible Histories – Terrible Tudors
– Slimy Stuarts
– Angry Aztecs
Australian Pioneers
Australian Aviators
Australian Explorers
Riverboat Bill
St Dominic of the Rosary (Vision)
St John Bosco (Vision)

Happy Golden Years – Laura Ingalls Wilder
John of the Sirius – Doris Chadwick (part)
Saddle of Botharambo
Little Black Princess – Aaenus Gunn
57 Stories of Saints – Eileen Heffernan (5 stories)
Animals Under the Rainbow

Jelly Bean
Magic Tree House No. 2 (part)

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  • Chari

    Your month sounds so lovely…so much learning!!! So many little learners!

    I am so sad that I will only have three homeschoolers…..

    Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to follow you via email! I SO appreciate it. It is my easiest way to keep up. 🙂

    God bless you and yours!

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