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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 123)

This week for the first time I listened to a Justin Bieber song.  Honestly, I  do not see the attraction, I just couldn’t stand his voice.

One task I’ve undertaken over the holidays has been tidying our library.  I’ve dusted the shelves, removed all doubles and culled a few books as well.  The library’s looking warm and inviting again.
Having Anna Maria home for the holidays has been lovely.  We’ve enjoyed a mix of activities and sleep, lots of sleep;)  Movie nights, ice-cream dates, Singstar sessions, LAN party, birthday parties, mother/daughter afternoon tea, family baptism, ten pin bowling.  Three whole weeks of having our girl home:)

With five parties last week the children were on a massive overload of wheat and sugar.  We suffered through some major melt downs, nasty behaviours, simply unpleasant people to be around.  Our normally nice children have fortunately returned and all are getting along well again.

With our few warm days lately, dare I hope winter is over?  I am totally not a winter person.

PC has been tinkering in shed till all hours welding, grinding, painting on a project to yet be unveiled.  Last night he was working in the shed, looked up and saw a …….snake on the rafters above his head.  He decided to finish up for the night;)  *Fortunately it was only a carpet snake.

I cut my own hair this week!:)  I’d long been wanting to cut some long layers and inspired after watching a you tube I decided to be adventurous.  I’m rather happy with the results, thinking I might cut a few more layers yet.
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  • Jeanne

    Photo please. Haircuts need approval. Don't ya know?

    You should whisper that you've listened to Justin Beaver. Jemimah will never speak to you again if she knows….

  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    I soooo totally love Winter, Summer is my least favorite but luckily we don't get much of it here.Can't wait to hear about the project

  • Chari

    I can tolerate winter…but I live for summers! I am in my heavnly season at this moment…..relishing every single moment!

    I am curious: what "holidays" are you referrring to? a "winter break"?

  • Erin

    I should share a pic, I might just once I've snipped some more. Please assure J it was only the one song.

    Gae, I thought of you when I wrote about winter. hey you know the project.

    Cari, see you were casting about for distraction.

    Chari, our winters on the Far North Coast probably last all of 6 weeks, I'm such a wuss. could never survive snow. here in NSW we have 4 school terms a year, with 2 weeks hols between each, except for Christmas/end of year which is a 6 week break. we've just finished 2 week hols.

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