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New Release! Ranger’s Apprentice

There has been great excitement in out house, Australian writer John Flanagan has published his eighth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series.

“Set in the mythical land of Araluen, the series follows the adventures of Will, a small and lively 15 year old boy living in medieval Castle Redmont.

Rejected for training as a warrior-knight, Will is apprenticed instead to the Ranger Corps – a mysterious group who act as the King’s eyes and ears throughout Araluen and beyond its shores.

As an Apprentice Ranger, Will is trained to be an expert archer and knife thrower, as well as learning the skills of silent, unseen movement, tracking and concealment. Gradually, a bond develops between the garrulous, inquisitive Will and his grim-faced mentor, Halt – renowned as one of the greatest of all Rangers.”

These books are so popular here that I had to ‘take a number’, there were four readers ahead of me. Low and betide anyone foolish enough to place the book down, it would be missing when they came back. Einstein and Prince Charming engaged in many ownership tussles as PC unexpectedly had an RDO (Rostered Day Off)and he unfairly muscled in and spent the day curled up with the book.

The children have their friends (and friends’ parents) and Uncle Dom hooked on these series; so if you are looking for a fast, action packed adventure series try these.

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