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My Solution – Buy Denim

This week Michelangelo literally split the seam of his shorts turning flips on the trampoline two days in a row. Yep he ripped two pairs of shorts, completely, irreparably. Now I realise that he is the third boy so by the time pants are handed down to him they are rather worn; at least he tells me that’s the reason. My thoughts include that he is rather rough on shorts, but I do truly believe they just don’t make them like they used too. The fabric is thinner than I used to purchase.

Pondering the problem I hit on a solution! I would buy denim, tough and indestructible Michelangelo is more likely to outgrow before he can wear out. I headed off to the op-shop to buy old denim jeans to cut down to shorts. Imagine my delight when I found three pairs of denim shorts and three button shirts suitable for church; which he also needed. All articles of clothing are absolutely in wonderful condition, it nearly seems a shame to have the shorts for farm use.

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  • The Editrix

    Good for you, Erin! We’ve made a few finds at the op-shops too – Several beautiful dresses for the two little girls, and numerous other articles of clothing. . . I am currently wearing a practically brand-new denim skirt that we got from St Vinnies a couple of weeks ago!

    My 9-year-old brother has a habit of wearing through the knees in his jeans with alarming rapidity. . . it seems they’re still almost new and yet they’ll already have massive holes in them!

  • Elena

    You’ve done well with a visit to the op shop….

    ps – I have your blog saved in my favourites and I do pop in at times to read the stories here – You have a beautiful blog.

    Recently I was given an award – Premio Dardos – for my blog Precious Treasures and part of that award is to pass it on to other blogs. I have listed your blog as one of them. This is my first and it’s probably an unusual thing here but I’d love to pass it on to your blog too if you’re happy to accept it.

    God Bless,

  • Joannof10

    It seems my 6 youngest are always going through knees, so I save all these pants and then in the spring turn them into shorts-the kids feel like we have gone on a great shopping spree when I hand out the “new shorts”.:-) (nothing better then a free summer wardrobe)

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