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Nurturing My Lost Enthusiasm

Home educating a wide age spread can be a challenge and sometimes there are casualties, for months a while now, one of our casualties have been our little ones, blush.  I had plans but they consisted of.. “I’ll read two picture books a day and…”  but we weren’t achieving much.
For years I used to over plan, investing hours which seemed wasted as our plans always changed.  In an effort to change this situation I became more relaxed and let my planning go, we had a broad structure but not finer details.  However I’ve come the the realisation that planning created & fed  my enthusiasm so it wasn’t wasted, it just translated differently. During the past couple of years whilst I haven’t overplanned I also haven’t been enthused often.


In a bid to gain back my enthusiasm and meet the needs of our little ones I pondered deeply and ‘hit upon’ an idea!:)  An idea that involves only a little planning.  Each day we read a couple of books and then enjoy a related activity. Simple, easy and FUN!! I started collating ideas on my newly formed pinterest board and my enthusiasm started bubbling:):)

We began this week with the four Virgina Lee Burton’s books we own.  We read Maybelle the Cable Car and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and then enjoyed making diggers.

The following day with high enthusiasm, and older children who insisted both days on joining in the fun, we read Katy and the Big Snow and The Little House, one of our absolute favourite books!

Then we made pop-up houses which was a huge hit!

The children are really happy, creativity is on the rise and I’ve solved my enthusiasm low for now:):)


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  • Ruby

    It is always a lift to read this type of post from homeschoolers. We all flag in enthusiasm at times but don't the children love it when the creativity fires back up!
    Have a good week.

  • Eddie

    Glad you got your mojo back! I have periods where my enthusiasm flags.

    I give myself a few days off to declutter and organize the house and often that gets me enthusiastic about school again.

    I think it's because I can see what we're working on when I'm done. 🙂

  • Pam

    "However I've come the the realisation that planning created & feed my enthusiasm so it wasn't wasted, it just translated differently." Wow. You are on to something there. You just made me realize something about myself. And your activities look like lots of fun!

  • Erin

    Thanks for all your support, and how wonderful if I inspire someone else:)

    Pam, I realised as i was writing, lol, you know how sometimes it isn't until you verbalise that it 'hits' you.

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