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Ocean Swimming In Winter

Last Thursday we headed to a local coastal village for an appointment, promising the children a beach walk afterwards.  A walk on the beach wasn’t greeted with enthusiasm, swimming was what they really wanted. I stressed that one didn’t swim in the ocean in winter.  When the afternoon was sunny I compromised on “you can roll up your pants and walk in to just above your ankles.”

However it was only minutes before, they were wet and were swimming. “Children, it is the midst of winter!”

As beach goers walked along the beach in jumpers and long pants, our children frolicked and swum in the ocean having a wonderful time for a couple of hours.
The children assured me the water in this pooled area was warm.  I took their word for it, I didn’t double check.
Fortunately as experience warned me I had packed a complete outfit for each child, so they had a dry trip home.
Photo credit: Anna Maria
As I supervised the ‘mad ones’ Bella and Anna Maria enjoyed the sunshine from the top of the dunes.
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