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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 197)

Our ‘big boys’ (17 & 15) are away at present, down in the ‘Big Smoke’ enjoying ‘bro time’ with their big brother(19). It is College holiday’s and as Carpenter can only get a couple of weeks off work, his brothers are catching all the time with him they can. We’re very happy imagining the memories they are creating and the bonds they are strengthening, very, very important.

Anna Maria is already home, so with the boys away we are predominately a ‘girl house’, ratio 4:3 with all the girls (except Bella) as the oldest.  Very different, it is much quieter, the girls take up less body space, we are living a different pace, enjoying the time together.
Not to say we don’t miss the boys, we do; their conversations, their individual ways, yes even their noise (a little) and we realise anew how much help they are.

We’re all things birthday this week with three upcoming birthdays next week.  Planning for a combined birthday party, inviting friends, which is a rare and special occasion. Theme is come as ‘any animated movie character’ so thinking games, food and costumes. Lots of discussion and sharing of ideas, thankfully our two oldest girls are taking care of the party games.

Character selections led to a hunt through the op-shops for costumes today, and wow, we ‘hit the motherlode’!! Never have we found such a great selection, we visited four shops and came home with versatile outfits, not just for this party but always thinking ahead when it comes to dress ups.  We found 2 velvet dresses, chiffon fabric for a cape, leggings, a velvet tunic, a velvet skirt, a superman cape, a cowboy outfit complete with vest and chaps, 2 turtle outfits, and a dressing gown which is to be converted to a vest.

One of the amazing things about having a nearly 21 year old at home means I was able to leave our sleeping baby for the first time!! We, (Princess and I) were gone for nearly 3 hours which I’ve never been able to do in 20 years! Well I’m sure I have left a baby with PC for some time but it sure feels like a long time since I have, mostly I suspect because Bella is currently at that demanding 6 month old stage where she only wants mummy, so I doubly appreciated Anna Maria being able to give me a break.

Interested in testing your vocabulary?  This test is very challenging, PC and I have been dueling one another to see whose vocabulary rates the highest, we’re competitive like that, we’re currently ‘neck and neck’, but I’m determined to blitz it.

Working on my blog this week I finally managed to change my long line of categories on the sidebar to a drop down menu along the top bar. I was able to do it with the aid of a youtube and coding, the explanation was quite simple and clear, though it took time because I had to correct a mess I had previously created with the coding and then each category and subcategory had to be manually entered. As I had lots and lots of sub-categories I had to also copy coding for extra sub-categories and if I didn’t copy correctly I had to carefully hack where I messed.  However I persisted and I succeeded!!  I’m really happy with the result although some categories are very long, but I can’t think of any other way to present the categories.  I feel it adds clarity and minimises the sidebar further. If you are wanting to do it I encourage you, it isn’t hard, just takes time.

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  • Laura Pearl

    Erin, your blog looks so good. So streamlined and professional. I haven't done any changing in a while now…but I may be inspired to do so now.

    I just love reading about your family. What a full and rich life you have–you will never be lonely, that's for sure. 🙂

  • Mega Maher

    Haha sounds awesome! 🙂 Glad the boys are having a good time.

    Good job on the costumes! 😀
    A party huh? is there a set date yet? 🙂 Since How To Train Your Dragon 2 recently came out I'm thinking I might buy a black jacket and modify it for a toothless jacket 🙂 Been wanting to for a long while but I never really got around to doing so.
    Hopefully I haven't missed the party already >_< that would suck. I miss being out at your place.

    Glad to hear Anna Maria is back it'll be nice to talk to her again 🙂

    Haha wow I took the test and got "On the basis of your results, we estimate you know 56% of the English words." Pretty good apparently but…eh 😛 I probably should know better than that. Need to get back into studying harder.

    Love reading your blog, don't really comment much but it's always a great read 😀

    ~Margaret Maher

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    Sounds like some great dress up finds. I always recommend dress ups to friends when they are wondering what to get for their kids for gifts etc. So much imaginative play comes from them;, especially the ball gowns, capes, etc.

  • Erin

    Thanks:) We were amazed to be so lucky in our finds

    Took some work but I was determined to have drop downs:)

    Aww honoured. Yes so blessed, a rich life indeed

    and we had fun, always love op-shopping with you:)

    You are soo talented with your sewing!! Very behind in my responding to comments so yes, party has come and gone. We should have you out some time I agree. Keep doing the quiz, you improve:) So sweet of you to say{{}}

    Yes an excellent gift, often used long after other toys are discarded and yes the gowns and capes are so versatile.

  • Mega Maher

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂 It took me awhile to get the hang of it but I'm getting better after every plush toy x)
    Oh hey I made those tags finally! Haha took me long enough but I figured out a way to make them. I told that to Carpenter before he left again but whether he told you or not I don't know.
    Oh well. Yeah I did see looks like you guys had an amazing time! loved the cakes and the outfits 😀 they were really really impressive!
    Yeah that'd be great 🙂 haha I understand the reason why we haven't come out yet though which is completely understandable and so I don't mind too much.
    Oh yeah I hope so! It was kindof sad how many I misread or got wrong x)

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