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‘Why I Write’

A ‘Why I Write’ meme is doing the rounds of Aussie bloggers at present and I’ve been tagged.  Okay well not personally but when Mel and Bron invited me with an “if you  haven’t yet been tagged, we’d love to hear your thoughts” I took that as, they really, really wanted to hear from me;) So…

What Am I Working On?
Lately nothing deep, I’ve been mainly writing ‘light’ posts, heavy on photos and light on content.  I have 20 posts in drafts of meatier topics, but I either can’t manage to get my thoughts ordered or I hesitate because it’s “all been said before, better than I can.” In other words, I’m in a slump period, I’m confident it will pass.

How Does my Writing Differ from Others of its Genre?
Well I suppose the difference is; it’s my voice, my life, my family, my own uniqueness, at least I hope so, I’d hate to be ‘the same as everyone else’;) I was raised to value being an individual, to be a ‘lemming’ was not an option.

Why Do I Write?

  • To record our family life.  I’ve been writing here for eight years now and have captured some wonderful memories which otherwise might have been forgotten, I’m very grateful I’ve kept recording. My husband is my number one fan, complaining about the lack of begging for more posts when I haven’t written for a while, he keeps me going.  
  • By sharing a little of our life I hope I am encouraging other women/families in their journey.
  • To create, simply, writing is my creative outlet, photography also so the two dovetail nicely.  I’m a firm believer that all women (men too) need to nurture themselves creatively, this translates differently for each individual. 
How Does My Writing Process Work? 
A variety of ways, some dependent on time, some on the nature of the post.  Some pieces just ‘write themselves’, others take hours, days,weeks, months of creating, ‘pecking away’ here and there, and even then they may languish forever in drafts.
Ideas occur to me throughout the day/night, often in response to conversations, readings, life etc. I’ll jot down headings and sometimes bullet points as reminders, in drafts or in my notebook, the plan is to come back and write later, sometimes I’ll write quickly, sometimes months later, sometimes never.

Inviting all of my readers to join in the fun, I’d love to hear your voices.  Feel free to let me know here in comments, or you may like to join up with Bron’s linky party.  Be sure to give me the ‘heads up’. 

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  • Renee Wilson

    Lovely to hear more about why you write, Erin! I had no idea you'd been writing in this space for eight years! Wow! You should see if you can print all of your posts out and make a book of it. It would be lovely to go back over it and read over it now and again. What an amazing history you will leave behind.

  • Bron Maxabella

    You bet I want to hear it! I am still to this day amazed that you manage to keep a blog at all, let alone one that you update more regularly than I do. That's just one example to me of the fact that some people are just born to write and share through their writing. You know how much I have learned about patience, persistence and following your own path from you already. I will be here reading for as long as you are writing, Erin. x

  • Mel @ Coal Valley View

    Loved reading this Erin! We blog for pretty much the same reasons. I've had a few slump periods with blogging too (just coming out of one!) so don't panic, I'm sure it won't last long! Have a wonderful weekend…Mel xxx

  • Erin

    I'd love to make a book, I just can't decide the best option, should ask you and Maxabella to research shouldn't I;)

    Photo heavy is all my brain is capable of at the moment. Honoured you have time to catch up here with how busy your life is at present.

    Great to see you blogging again, yes it keeps the brain fresh:) Thanks for joining in the fun

    Well I might be able to update my blog more frequently than you because you might be a teensy bit busy writing elsewhere;)
    I'm humbled by your words, I really had no idea you felt like that, wow, hope I can live up to all that. So touched.

    We do blog for the same reasons!:):) I think our slumps are sometimes when so much is happening in life, and other times when not enough, make sense?;)

    Welcome to my little corner:)

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