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Enjoying the Winter Sunshine

The winter sunshine has been beckoning us this week, calling us to ‘ditch the books’ and enjoy the warmer moments. The children pumped up the blow up pool with intentions of swimming in it, when I vetoed that idea and the plan to raft on the dam, “it’s winter children!” they compromised with rafting on the above ground pool.  Thus far they haven’t ‘fallen out’ though the blow up has ‘sprung a leak.’

The Great Billy Cart phase continues to be all the rage, it’s been about three weeks now since the billy cart constructions began. A few modifications, lots of co-operative designing and building, plenty of rides, a few tumbles and tons of fun. When Uncle visited this week he happily relived his own childhood days only recently left.

Two sisters, ‘chalk and cheese’ best of mates, slowly meandering up the paddock, enjoying the winter sunshine.

The children have hung a tyre swing up, out in the paddock.  Spinning on the tyre swing, contemplating the play of light.

‘Right of passage’ moment for our lad this week, he gained his Provisional license and can now drive solo. Always a pivotal moment for Mum too, snipping those ‘apron strings’ a little, letting go.

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