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Our First Montessori Activity

I have been spending alot of time lately at 4 Real reading, learning and discussing more about Maria Montessori’s teachings. There is so much to learn and so much to organise. However I decided if I waited till I had everything just perfect I would never be able to start.

Last Friday Jelly Bean and I went op shopping for a couple of items. She was most excited with the baskets and tongs that we found. She came home all eager to use ‘her presents’. So although I wasn’t ready, not really, as I had intended to read the presentations properly first I set her up with her first activity. Of course Princess had to join in.

In our new baskets, (a 20c find) I placed a jar of buttons, small glass dishes and tongs. The object was for Jelly Bean to sort the buttons grouping colours together. After a while it became obvious that tongs were too difficult for Jelly Bean and she swapped to a spoon.

Of course Princess was not going to be left out and she joined in the fun. A few things were learnt in the course of the activity. Next time I will find more controlled objects than buttons as we had too many colours. However I did learn that both girls are more than keen.

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  • jenmack

    Erin this looks wonderful! I’m always caught off guard when one of the kids is ready to move on something, and I am utterly unprepared…happens to me all the time! It seems like the kids really enjoyed it! Now there’s no turning back, they’re going to be begging for more!

    Just an idea for you to try since you mentioned you had too many buttons to sort – we sort dry beans, and sometimes pasta shells of different colors. They’re big enough for little fingers too, and inexpensive to acquire.

    Your glass dishes look beautiful too! I’m jealous 🙂

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