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Our Growing Lenten/Easter Book Collection


This year we were blessed to add a few more titles to our Lent/Easter collection.  Time to chat about our finds, very happy with all our purchases.



The Thornbush – Michael Laughlin
A small thornbush grows in the streets of Jerusalem, the bush feels ugly and unwanted.  Jesus passes with his hands tied and gazes at the bush with gentle care.  The soldiers make a crown of thorns from the bush’s branches.  The bush is ashamed and refuses to bloom, but when Jesus’ rises from the dead, the bush blooms.  Illustrations use warm colours
Gentle, reflective. 4 Star

Easter Swallows – Vicki Howie

The Easter story retold by a pair of swallows who are building a nest in the garden in which Jesus is buried.  Simple enough to hold the interest of little ones.  My favourite line is “Backwards and forwards they flew, carrying great globules of mud in their beaks.”  Isn’t globules a delicious word?  Very simple illustrations, light colours.
Very sweet, but undiluted.  4 Star





On That Easter Morning – Mary Joslin
Retelling of the Easter story from Palm Sunday through to the Resurrection.  The retelling is nicely and accurately done, a fair amount of text on each page, for the older child.  Soft illustrations.
4 Star








The Tale of The Three Trees – Angela Elwell Hunt
We found this copy at the op shop, bringing our tally to three books based on the similar storyline.  Three trees, all have grand dreams, it appears that their dreams fail miserably and yet…. their dreams do come to fruition. A big favourite.  Clear illustrations.
5 Star







Easter Story – Gennady Spirin
After reading reviews highly recommending this title, we ordered but alas the book is missing in transit.   We await a new copy,  The cover art itself looks promising.





Introduction to the Liturgical Year – Inos Biffi
My friend Jenn has been urging me to collect all of Inos Biffi’s books, finally I purchased this one.  So very pleased I did.  (Thanks Jenn) This title is to be used throughout the whole liturgical year.  We read several pertinent pages. Extremely in depth and yet concise.  The illustrations have an iconic feel.
Excellent!! 5 Star+!




The Way of the Cross – Inos Biffi
I purchased this at the end of Lent last year and used it for the first time this Lent.  Another excellent book of Biffi’s.  They are perfect for children to gain an indepth understanding of their Faith but are by no means watered down.
Excellent!  5 Star+!

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  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    I haven't seen the Thorn Bush one. I would give Joslin's book 3 stars, just because I don't like changing the Gospel text. This year we didn't even read it. I started to read it, but when the very first page had changes, I just wasn't happy. I found "He is Risen, Indeed" was a better retelling.

    Love The Easter Story. Only one small area that we had to correct, he writes that Mary, the mother of Jesus went to the tomb! My son caught that one and kept changing it.

    Glad you like the Biffi. My boys are not tiring of those books at all.

    Do you think it would be terrible to write a post on the Good, bad and ugly of Lent and Easter books? I keep thinking I need to do one.

  • Erin

    My dc just love the tree books!

    My finger hovered over the rating of Joslin, her books are always slightly out. I know what you mean about text change, one of my dd's gets most upset.
    I'll check out He is Risen, maybe for next year:)
    It was your enthusiasm that prompted me to buy Spirin, just waiting for copy, will use pencil to correct.
    I'd LOVE you to do a good, bad, ugly post. You have no idea how much time I spent at your blog reading your opinion before I bought these books.

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    Ooops, I meant Wildsmith had the mistake about Mary, not Spirin! Sorry! Another older one that we just read from our library is "He is Risen" by Elizabeth Winthrop. It uses the KJV, so somewhat awkward, but the pictures are nice.

    I stopped reading Joslin's book last week when she wasn't using "Hosanna" at Holy Thursday. Really? Come on, do you have to change the text THAT much!!!!!

  • Erin

    Ah yes, I freely admit to pencilling in corrections for ease of reading. I'll have to go back and re-read Joslin now, perhaps I could pencil in??

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